Thursday, May 21, 2009

Host a show from home- Friends 91.9 FM

Friends 91.9 FM hosted a unique radio show - whereby listeners could become RJs and host the show from home, by simply dialing in to the station. The intention was to generate enthusiasm and awareness for this show in Calcutta. Gigantic microphones were suspended from atop residential buildings by Bates 141, Calcutta, just outside the windows in the busiest parts of the city. There was a supporting billboard which only amplified the message. Over the next few weeks 5826 listeners called in and the show went on to become a huge hit, increasing channel share considerably. Three of the listeners even realized their dreams of becoming actual RJs.

Client- Friends 91.9 FM
Agency: Bates 141, Calcutta, India.
Country- India

Friends of Earth

For this ‘Friends of the Earth campaign’ JWT Hongkong came up with an idea of printing the image of the back of a car on the lid, so that when ever a straw is placed inside it resembles as an exhaust pipe. This lid was distributed and used by road-side food stalls. When consumers drank from this cup on the streets, it made them feel like they were inhaling toxic emissions directly from the vehicle. The copy on the lid cover read-“Pollution is closer than you think.”

Client- Friends of Earth
Agency: JWT Hong Kong, China.
Country- China

The Kebab Truck

Doy Doy, one of Germany's biggest döner kebab restaurant chains wanted to promote itself, for the same Saatchi & Saatchi Frankfurt used a cement mixing truck with a revolving compartment in the form of a giant kebab that rotated just like a real döner does while it cooks. Not only did the promotion generate lots of local press coverage, international media also picked up on it. A PR team handing out flyers offering 20% discount and free drink with their meal supported the action, helping drive football into the restaurants.

Client- Doy Doy

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Frankfurt, Germany.

Country- Germany

Adopt me please; Adopt The Green

To stimulate people to be part of the program "Adopt the Green". This program allows companies to adopt green areas in the city. RAF Comunicação Natal appled two big eyes in the top of some trees around the city, making the trees look like a human being shape. "Adopt me, please. Adopt the green".

Agency: RAF Comunicação Natal, Brazil.
Country- Brazil

Don’t Punt on Parking

Cooch Creative, Perth reminded the football fans at Subiaco Stadium that public transport is an alternative to the congestion and parking problems on match days.

Client - Transperth
Agency: Cooch Creative Perth, Australia.

WWF: Save the planet

This piece is composed of 2 balloons, one inside the other. The internal balloon represents our planet, and the external one shows the layer of pollution in the atmosphere. WWF balloons were distributed by volunteers in open spaces. People who received the balloons were told to use a pin attached to the tag to blow up the exterior balloon. By doing so, we can see planet Earth with no interference, and this demonstrates that if everybody helps we can stop pollution on our planet.

Client- WWF

Agency: DDB, Brazil.

Country- Brazil

Imitation Breast Project

The main objective of this project is to make cancer patients, who has her breast removed, smile again through the donation and 10,999 voluntary made Imitation breasts. The main idea is attaching real breast implants to breast area of woman pictures that will make that area looks eminent and make people pay attention to the picture. In order to make it interactive, High Bangkok placed a few words "Take her bra off"; and when any one touched the screen, a picture of woman with out breast appeared immediately with the message asking help for 10,999 waiting patients. Audients who saw this new media may just feel funny and excited at first; but will feel pity and pay more attention to the patients then.

Agency: High Bangkok, Thailand.
Country- Thailand

Axe Schedule for the day

As wrapping the female students' dormitory in the shape of calendar and using Axe, When Gee Seoul aimed for the expression that a new female can be met on a daily basis, to promote the brand image and preference for Axe.

Client- Axe
Agency: When Gee Seoul, South Korea.
Country- Korea

Salvation Army- This campaign cost nothing

A pro-bono campaign that was launched on May 11 for the Salvation Army of Northern New England to create awareness of the organization's services. The entire campaign was done for free, creative was donated by VIA, and all media space was donated by local businesses. The campaign uses guerrilla media uniquely tailored to each business. It is also supported by print, online and T.V.

Client : Salvation Army
Agency: VIA, USA.
Country- USA

Lets Spread Unity instead of Swine Flu

When the World Health Organization raised the influenza pandemic alert level from four to five was necessary to tell people to avoid kissing and to wear surgical face masks in public places in order to stop the epidemic. Since they knew that people on the streets were reluctant to wear them, they printed a message of goodwill on the masks to encourage people to use them. 5000 facemasks were given away outside subway stations. They ran out of masks within 30 minutes and people were placed to receive them. The message to use face masks in order to control the epidemic was spread all over the city.

Agency: Labase, Mèxico.
Country- Mexico

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Screen Giant Media all set to digitize Mumbai and Delhi; plans to install 1000 Outdoor LED’s

Canadian Digital billboard specialist Screen Giant Media’s new subsidiary, Screen Giant Media Private Limited (India), is currently in the negotiation phase with its Indian counterparts and is backing itself for a 100 screen network in both Mumbai and Delhi.

According to the sources close to the development, the company is working out a JV with its Indian counterparts to implant 100 outdoor LED billboards in both Mumbai and Delhi in the first phase and feels that India as a country can easily support 1000 such screens.

Six-year-old Screen Giant currently operates digital billboards on a site-rental or revenue-split basis in the major Canadian cities of Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Calgary – where it has just installed a second screen at McMahon Stadium – as well as some smaller British Columbia communities.

Monday, May 18, 2009

OOH Media strength en’s top management; appoints Sarin and Talukder

OOH Media- Ishan Raina’s Digital OOH company has recently strengthened their top level management by hiring Raju Sarin as Director and Shamik Talukder as Business Director. Both will join the management committee of the company and report to Ishan Raina, Chief Executive Officer, OOH Media. Prior to joining OOH Media, Sarin was working with The Sakal Media Group as Chief Operating Officer for their new projects and in OOH media, he will now be placed in Delhi; whereas Talukder was working as Vice President, Internet in the Essel Group. In OOH Media he will oversee the drive and development of key categories nationally and will be placed in Mumbai.

Waterproof memories

To promote Kingston’s water-proof pen drive with 32 GB memory, Six Inches Communication, Mumbai used sand as a medium. A stencil was created with the headline etched into it. This was then pressed at the low tide near the waterline on Mumbai Juhu beach, which attracts large crowd during the weekends. Below this was the Kingston logo and product detail, printed on waterproof material and mounted on a board that was affixed onto the sand. Now when the tide started to come in, it covered the words, leaving behind only Kingston Waterproof Pen Drives behind.

Client: Kingston Technology

Advertising Agency: Six Inches Communication, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Pravin Shah, Sanjay S
Art Director: Rutul Mistry
Visualizer: Sachin Rane
Country: India

Scrabble- Making words a fun game to play

The challenge was to bring back Scrabble(The board game in which you win by putting together words in vertical and horizontal ways.) to the top of mind, for the same, Ogilvy & Mather Bogata decided to take advantage of the most representative buildings and their company name to create words with the same Scrabble´s typefaces. As John Raul Forero and Juan Jose Posada, Executive Creative Director,
Ogilvy & Mather Bogota said, “We decided to take advantage of the most representative buildings and their company name to create words within the same Scrabble typefaces. In that way we could show that scrabble is a game that is fun and easy, and you can play it anywhere.”

The campaign was a huge success for their client Mattel, as for a series of days people found themselves looking at modified building name which created a strong word of mouth and motivated to play again.

Client- Mattel

Agency- Ogilvy&Mather Bogota
Executive Creative Directors- John Raul Forero & Juan Jose Posada
Creative Directors- Andres Lamprea & Ivan Meza

Country- Columbia

Land Rover Locker Room displays

Terranova is the only Land Rover dealer in a town in Brazil. In order to re-inforce the brand to the potential buyers in a budget constraint scenario. The dealer chose Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil for the same. Dan Zecchinelli, Creative Director, Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte said, “We had to reinforce the brand for potential buyers, and strengthen the relation with current owners. We chose the locker rooms of the most sophisticated health club in the city- 2500 high income members, all of them potential buyers. Showers were transformed into waterfalls, urinals into trees, and so on. As a result the brand not only got witnessed but managed to attract the TG at the store.”

Client- Land Rover
Advertising Agency: Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Art Directors: João Paz, Márcio Doti
Copywriter: Leandro Neves
Creative Director: Dan Zecchinelli
Country- Brazil

NZ International Comedy Festival- Nothing Scared

A campaign via Colenso BBDO, Auckland of 72 individual posters for the NZ International Comedy Festival reminds people that when it comes to stand-up routines, Nothing’s Sacred.

Client- The New Zealand International Comedy Festival
Agency- Colenso BBDO, Auckland
Executive Creative Director- Nick Worthington
Creative Directors- Josh Lancaster & Jamie Hitchcock
Country- New Zealand

Parking Motor Homes

On a reduced budget and a very specific client, Jayco Motorhomes only makes one to one advertising activities focused on car owners on parking spaces all over the city (movie theatres, malls and supermarkets) handing out flyers and similar actions. To make an increase on quotations for sale and rental motor homes two challenges were set out: First, to make tangible the idea of ‘your home where ever you want’ activating the insight of every person wanting to be the owner of a house and second use the contact points mentioned before in a way that’s never been done.

Unitas/RNL, Santiago came up with the idea of using the stencils of housing blue-prints. As Pancho Gonzalez Executive Creative Director says, “Stencils of housing blue-prints were marked (drawn) on parking spaces from supermarkets, movie-theatres, restaurants and malls in order to demonstrate that with Jayco-motor home you can take all the comfort of a house anywhere. All under the concept-‘Live wherever you want. The web page and contact phone number could be found under each painted stencil.”

Disclosing the results, Gonzalez added, “ The amount of visitor to the website increased a 51% , sales quotation went up by 33.7 %and rent quotations were up at 42.5%, and visitors at the showroom grew up by 25%. And from the total people that went to the showroom on the activation weekend, an 87% mentioned to have seen the painted stencil in one of the named locations.”

Client- Jayco Motorhomes
Agency- Unitas/RNL, Santiago
Executive Creative Director- Pancho Gonzalez
Creative Directors- Feudo Aravena & Raul Estrela
Country- Chile

Panasonic- The Toughbook CF-F8

Though the world’s lightest, the recently launched Toughbook CF-F8 faces an unenviable task on traditional favorites backed by bigger advertising budgets. For the same, Panasonic chose Sparkfury, Singapore as its agency to target the mobile professionals. As Michael Wee, Executive Creative Director, said, “ As an ultra-light Toughbook targeting mobile professional, we decided to take the campaign outdoors to IT Show 2009 right at the heart of Singapore’s business district. Human Statutes were created to demonstrate ‘live’ just how effortless it was to carry a Toughbook.” The campaign was a huge success, as over 700,000 visitors to IT Show 2009 were exposed to this public stunt. Million more learnt about a through photos and videos circulated on and offline.

Client- Panasonic
Advertising Agency: Sparkfury, Singapore
Creative Director: Michael Wee
Creative Director / Art Director: Perry Goh Copywriter: Lyon Lim
Country - Singapore

Zoo Safari- Up- Close, no cages, more fun

To communicate that Zoo Safari is not a common zoo in Brazil, because the animals run free like in a safari. DDB, Sao Paulo, Brazil, created electrostatic stickers containing animal pictures. These stickers can be placed on the windshield of parked cars to make the visitor imagine what it would feel like to be so close to a wild animal. The image shown on the stickers reproduced in real life size proportions the face of an animal taking a peek inside the car.

Client- Zoo SafariAdvertising Agency: Creative Directors: Rodrigo Almeida, Renata Florio, Julio Andery, Rodolfo Sampaio, Sérgio Valente
Copywriter: Geraldo Gonçalves
Art Directors: Mauricio Kumazawa, Gilberto Barros
Country- Brazil

Eukanuba makes Dogs are smarter

The challenge for Saatchi & Saatchi, Johannesburg, South Africa was to convince the people that Eukanuba is good for brain development and function of a dog, because it contains an optimal balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fats. Which is why its consumption will make the dog not only healthier and shinier but also smarter. Bennie Du Plessis ,Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, explains the execution as he said, “ We found five well-trained dogs. Some pretty and some less pretty. And then we spent some time training them to carry Eukanuba bags around in their mouth. Once they had perfected this task, we took them to busy shopping centres and trained them to walk between to established points. As a result the client was able to get the footfalls it had expected from us.”

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Bennie Du Plessis
Art Directors: Bruce Murphy, Keshia Meyerson, Teboho Mosothoane
Copywriters: Ben Du Plessis, Olwen South

BREAKING NEWS: Tata Indicom’s OOH account moves out of Aaren Initiative; MOMS and Kinetic India to share the duties

Tata Indicom’s OOH account has shifted hands from its long time media ally Aaren Initiative( The Outdoor Division of Lintas IMAG) and will now be handled jointly by Group M’s Kinetic India and MOMS (Madison Outdoor Media Services. The account size is pegged to be upwards of 50 crores.

Industry sources close the development has confirmed the development with Outdoor Advertising Magazine following a multi-agency pitch that kicked off some time back. According to the sources, Tata Indicom officials have this time decided to share the OOH media duties with MOMS and Kinetic India.

It may be noted that in 2006 Aaren Initiative had bagged the OOH business of Tata Indicom for 15 states which included-Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Trillion Dollar Billboard

Zimbabwe's record inflation has rendered the Z$100 trillion dollar note virtually worthless. The Zimbabwean Newspaper has used these notes to paper a billboard, posters and flyers to illustrate the country's economic situation under President Mugabe.

Agency- TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris
Client- The Zimbabwean Newspaper
Country- South Africa

Air that cools your home; heats up the world

Prolam Y&R ,Santiago produced this large-scale billboard showing refugees fleeing from a flood in Asia, with dozens of air conditioners peeping out from a refurbished building, was produced to raise conscience regarding global warming. The line: El aire que enfría tu hogar, calienta el mundo (The air that cools your home; heats up the world), was used to help convey that climate change is also due to excess of carbon dioxide in the air.

Agency- Prolam Y&R Santiago

Client- Forus Executive
Creative Director- Tony Sarroca

Art Directors- Fabrizio Capraro, Renzo Vaccaro

Country- Chile

Home Crisis in France

In order to raise the awareness about the bad housing among the general public and the France The Abbe Pierre Foundation’s teamed up with BDDP & fils, Paris to bluntly show that thousands of people in France have as little space to live as a car in the steel, posters of real-size 7m2 (the size of a parking space) apartment were stuck near symbolic sites in Paris like – The National Assembly, The Senate, The Court Hall, The City Hall, and The Paris Stock Exchange.

Agency- BDDP & fils, Pairs

Client- Foundation Abbe Pierre
Creative Director- Guillaume Chifflot

Art Director- David Derouet
Country- France

No Smoke Day

In an effort to raise the awareness about the Cancer-The Peruvian League came up with a campaign to fight against cancer by teaming up with Ogilvy & Mather Lima for their ‘No Smoke Day’. Using 15,000 cigarettes butts, glued together one by one in an outdoor panel, level to the sidewalk, Ogilvy dramatized the threat that cigarettes represent for a non-smoking person, in this case, a little girl. A month and half before the campaign, with the help of many volunteers, Ogilvy was able to gather 15,000 cigarettes butts. An artist was in charge of pasting them together and to maintain the essence of the original idea, he painted the little girl in oil paint.

Agency- Ogilvy& Mather Lima

Client- Liga Contra el
Creative Director- Aldo Canchaya
Art Director- Daniel Morales

Country- Peru

NZI- ‘Insurance’ from the ‘Pirates’ of the city

To bring to life NZI’s (New Zealand Insurance) line 'Everyone’s always stealing your stuff' Colenso BBDO , Auckland covered the outside of metrolights with costume parts that were made of removable vinyl stickers. People could interact with the metrolights by physically removing/stealing the items, reinforcing the message that’s why there’s NZI. Even at the ‘Sevens’-The metrolights were dressed in costumes because, besides being an international rugby tournament, the NZI Sevens is renowned as an event where people get dressed up and party for two days straight.

Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland
Client- NZI ( New Zealand Insuance)
Executive Creative Director- Nick Wothington
Country- New Zealand

The ‘Quick-Dry’ Nail polish

To promote Rimmel’s Quick Dry nail polish JWT London's aim was to literally stop young women in their tracks by placing large eye catching sculptures outside Rimmel retailers on high streets. Bottles of nail polish appeared to have been poured onto the floor from a height with the liquid drying in seconds to create a surreal spectacle, highlighting the product’s quick drying benefit. The campaign also included actual size models situated around point of sale counters in stores.

Agency- JWT London
Executive Creative Director- Russell Ramsey
Art Director- Phillip Meyler
Country- United Kingdom