Friday, August 7, 2009

Amnesty: Warning words turned into Signs

TBWA\Lisbon, Portugal took the gaps through which sound passes in a building in Potugal to highlight that in most cases of domestic violence noises are the main warning signs. Those who hear and report them can save lives.

Grave Signs-Coral reefs disappear from Red Sea

The coral reef in the Red Sea is apparently disappearing at alarming numbers and the green party in Israel teamed up with DraftFCB, Israel and used a floating graveyard above the coral reef to raise awareness to this issue.

Drive Check@ 25 km/hr: Slower is better

In order to promote the benefits of regulated driving speeds, Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee, USA Created three different messages-

1: Accident Bills $42,000
2: Chance of Crash: 30%
3: Days in Hopital Bed: 46

So, that car commuters can get the message that Elm Grove Police Department wanted to spread.

The entire activity got the eyeballs and helped reduce the number of rash drivers rash drivers in USA

Jupiler- Free Ice Chilled beers

Jupiler clearly knows that people aren't interested in another poster campaign. But what if a poster became a big block of ice containing free cold beers... Nice work from Famous Brussels, as they converted the JCDecaux (World's No.1 Street Furnitures medium) Street furniture into an Ice fridge to catch the attention of their TG in Brussels.

The Economist: Pizza Boxes

To reach college students in the Greater Philadelphia area over 20 pizzeria, in close proximity to large college campuses, were supplied with Economist-branded pizza boxes. Each one reinforces the "Get a world view" platform with a pie chart that applies to pizza consumption.From BBDO New York.

Kia Airplane : ' Spend Less' banner towing via remote

Times are tough, and everyone is looking for easy ways to save money. To remind people that "Kia" is a brand built around exceptional value, David & Goliath Los Angeles, USA; created this campaign that takes a decidedly low-cost approach to typical marketing tactics. A scale-model plane towing a scale-model banner along the beach and a tiny tear-off flyer tacked to a street post deliver full-size results at a miniature cost, and illustrates Kia’s commitment to helping everyone “Spend Less.”

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Olympus: E620 with built-in image stabilization

Olympus has just launched their latest DSLR camera, and for the same JWT, Sydney came up with the OOH posters that showcased the feature of the built-in image stabilization of the camera.

Indeed a great way to catch the attention of its TG.

Advertising Agency: JWT Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Andrew Fraser
Creative Group Head / Art Director: John Lam

Escape from the City

Break out of the city! A life sized helicopter (35' across, 10 ' high) was installed with a ladder. Three life sized mannequins were affixed to the board, made to look like they were escaping the city. Clothing on the mannequins was chosen specifically to represent the kind of young/urban professionals in the area

Advertiser name: Fallsview Casino
Product: 40'W x 60'H Spectacular (w/ extension)
Campaign dates Apr - Dec 09
Format and weight frontlit spectacular
Creative Agency GJP Advertising
Media Agency OMD Canada
Country:- Canada

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 graffiti@ newyork

Outdoor graffiti from Marta Ibarrondo New York (agency) to promote micro site to attract parents to site and direct them to Egg Baby's main site.

Car Magazine: The F-1 experience

In order to promote the April issue of Car Magazine, which features an in depth guide to this year's Formula One season, Ogilvy Cape Town gave stationary drivers a true F1 experience. F1-style lollipop men stood at traffic lights and dropped their lollipop signs in front of cars as they stopped.


Client: Car Magazine
Agency: Ogilvy, Capetown

Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Country: South Africa

New Golf 6, Volkswagen’s new entry to wheelocity

Ogilvy, Cape Town wanted to promote the launch of the new Golf 6, with Park assist, in an unexpected and cost effective way. So we hired local car guards, a very common and familiar sight in South Africa, and made special bibs that were based on their generic and highly recognised parking attendant bibs. The car guards then popped up in seemingly obscure places, such as cinemas, cafes, at the beach, etc. Then leisurely took a break as the New Golf's Park Assist feature did their job for them. For the price of a movie ticket and a car guard’s daily rate, the brand got to have a presence in a cinema.

Client: Volkswagen

Agency: Ogilvy, Capetown
Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz

Country: South Africa

"Tyskie Beer Mug Sticker"

The idea of this ad is to promote Tyskie Beer among young people in a more involving way. 'Beer Mugs Stickers' were installed behind the door handles of restaurants, pubs, shops etc across Europe. And when people opened the door they could easily imagine themselves drinking beer.

CASE STUDY : FIAT 500 - The Life-alike Car

The communication goal:
Was to demonstrate that the Fiat 500 isn’t only a lifeless article, but rather a character, a real person full with life, so that the consumer can get in touch with it.

The TG:
The target audience was between 18 years and 35 years

The Idea:
To bring him to life, they brought together for the very first time in Germany four media channels – billboard, LCD ticker, text messaging and internet.

Location: Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin.
Medium: Billboard
Size: 2 posters, 20 x 30 meters each.

The Inter-Activity:
Passers-by could text a message, then read it in a minutes time on the billboard’s LCD ticker. The Fiat homepage ran a live feed to the billboard, and visitors on the website were able to publish their own text messages on the LCD at the location mentioned above.

Apart from that, the commuters in and around the location at Berlin could send a SMS message both via their cell phones and via net.

The Result:
The campaign got coverage in different newspapers as it gave the brand both the footfalls and the eyeballs, as over 1000 SMS were send, 82 test drives were booked, address data etc. were collected. Different newspapers reported on the Fiat 500 Mega-poster (term used abroad for the roadside billboards)

The lucky winner:
A man even proposed marriage to his girlfriend via LCD Mega Poster. In answer to that, Fiat started a successfully search for the couple via SMS Ticker themselves. The wedding car was a Fiat 500 sponsored by Fiat.

Agency: Leo Burnett Frankfurt, Germany.
Country: Germany.

Monday, August 3, 2009

CASE STUDY : Adidas: The Huddle @ Zurich Metro Station

The Aim:
UEFA EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland ranks alongside the Olympic Games as the largest sporting event in the world in 2008, and thus adidas wanted to be the number 1 football brand, sending their “Impossible is nothing” message far beyond the borders of the two countries.

The Strategy:
Don‘t merely show pictures of famous football players. Bring the footballers closer to the fans and the fans closer to them. Let each fan feel like a fly on the wall, as the tension reaches a crescendo, just seconds before the beginning of the match.

The Execution:
They created a 17 m high, 33 m wide, 3 dimensional 11 man huddle featuring the best players of the tournament in Switzerland‘s most frequented location- The Zurich main train station.

A 14 ton place of pilgrimage that was 10 times larger than the wax figures on display at Madame Tussaud‘s in London, Hollywood or Berlin was used to create the huddle. During the European Championships, the Huddle evolved into a landmark where fans of all nations took millions of pictures and films and celebrated their passion for the game.

The Coverage from Web and Print Media: Major news titles such as BBC, Financial Times, Die Welt, Gazetta dello Sport, Le Parisien and NRC Handelsblad featured it on their front pages or online editions. It was discussed on hundreds of websites and advertising journals throughout the world, thereby honoring the Huddle, as well as user-generated short films inspired by it.

The Result:
The Swiss Railway authority reported an estimated audience of over 13 million people - over the course of three weeks. The Impossible Huddle was launched live on N24, a European news network, and was on major stations throughout the continent within hours.

And one week before the final, the press declared adidas the winning sports brand of the UEFA EURO 2008. Recognized by 30 % of the audience, as compared with 12 % for competitors, they reported an increase of 50 % in the football apparel sales, earning them an estimated 15 % added market share.

Agency: TBWA\ Berlin, Germany.
Country: Switzerland

CASE STUDY : FIAT 500’s UK launch on the London eye aka ‘Millennium Wheel’

Dated: January 21, 2008

The Problem:
In the UK Fiat had struggled to capture the market share in the small size cars. The launch of the Grande Punto in 2006 started to reverse the brand’s fortunes but the media and public remained unconvinced.

The objective:
Was to launch the iconic Fiat 500, capturing the imagination of the public and media and reinforcing the launch messaging of “Everyday Masterpiece”.

The strategy:
With the brand floundering at the foot of the market share tables, the launch of the iconic Fiat 500 was seen as crucial to the future of Fiat UK. The event had to take place at a venue that could showcase the car at its best-a place that shared the car’s iconic design and engineering excellence. Most importantly, it had to be held somewhere that would attract the media and be seen by everyone.

The venue:
In this most outrageous of publicity stunts, Fiat UK launched its all-new 500 subcompact car in a capsule on the London Eye aka ‘Millennium Wheel’. Measuring at just 3,546mm in length with a wheelbase of 2,300mm, the 1,414mm track provided a squat look which also gave a hint about its nimble handling.

The Result:
On launch night, a spectacular party was thrown, where in 500 VIPs, 100 members of the media and 1,500 competition winners were invited to witness the unveiling that took place at 500 hours into 2008. In addition, they screened the event live into 170 Fiat dealerships nationwide. Virgin Radio hosted the evening with ‘Mika and The Feeling’ providing the entertainment. At 8pm the car was revealed in a capsule at the top of the ‘London Eye’ and remained in there for two weeks. The results of the launch were truly spectacular as the event achieved £580,493 worth of media exposure and 8,500 orders taken within one month of launch.

The Comments from the Officials in UK:
FIAT UK Marketing Director, Elena Bernardelli, said,"It will be a great event, and we at FIAT are committed to making the country smile for the night."
London Eye Head of Sales and Marketing, Helen Bull, said, "After celebrating 2008 with a phenomenal firework display, what better way to continue the party than with a fantastic event only 500 hours into the New Year, with 2008's Car of the Year."

About the car :
The Fiat 500 is a remake of an original model that was produced between 1957 and 1975 and boasts a cute yet purposeful bubble-shaped body with the wheel-at-each-corner stance giving the car some much added character.

Source: FIAT UK

CASE STUDY : IKEA- The world’s biggest rack

To promote the new IKEA catalogue, they thought of a new attention-grabbing way. They didn`t tell people about the new products, they gave them a live-impression. They used the existing architecture of the south station in Vienna. The box-looking windows of the front side were converted into a Giant Expedit rack filled with new IKEA products. It’s size: 480 square meters. The installation was realized for one month and was seen by more than 70,000 passengers daily. Many newspapers reported on the project. Traffic at the two IKEA stores in Vienna increased by 5.7% compared to the same period one year before.

Client- Ikea

Agency: DDB Berlin, Germany.

Country- Austria

INDIAN CASE STUDY : Grow up with Complan

While adults often try to look and feel younger, kids try to look bigger than they actually are. Shadows fascinate kids. In the background of this knowledge, Leo Burnett Mumbai carried out a rather simple activity in the vicinity of schools, parks and shopping malls. A mall was covered with a backdrop that had a height measuring scale and Complan branding. In front of this backdrop, at a distance of approx. 7 feet, a source of light was placed on the ground level. Now when kids came to check their height they could also see their shadow being formed on the Complan backdrop. Due to ground level light, as the kid would move towards the source of the light, the shadow on the backdrop keeps growing bigger and bigger. This created excitement amongst kids and parents, and re-emphasized the core brand message "Complan: Extra growing power" The spot became an attraction for every kid in the locality. Charmed by the shadow formation, kids wouls come (accompanied by their parents) and spend hours playing in front of the Complan backdrop, and scoring over each other on the height scale.

Cleint- Complan
Agency: Leo Burnett, India.
Country- India