Monday, May 18, 2009

Parking Motor Homes

On a reduced budget and a very specific client, Jayco Motorhomes only makes one to one advertising activities focused on car owners on parking spaces all over the city (movie theatres, malls and supermarkets) handing out flyers and similar actions. To make an increase on quotations for sale and rental motor homes two challenges were set out: First, to make tangible the idea of ‘your home where ever you want’ activating the insight of every person wanting to be the owner of a house and second use the contact points mentioned before in a way that’s never been done.

Unitas/RNL, Santiago came up with the idea of using the stencils of housing blue-prints. As Pancho Gonzalez Executive Creative Director says, “Stencils of housing blue-prints were marked (drawn) on parking spaces from supermarkets, movie-theatres, restaurants and malls in order to demonstrate that with Jayco-motor home you can take all the comfort of a house anywhere. All under the concept-‘Live wherever you want. The web page and contact phone number could be found under each painted stencil.”

Disclosing the results, Gonzalez added, “ The amount of visitor to the website increased a 51% , sales quotation went up by 33.7 %and rent quotations were up at 42.5%, and visitors at the showroom grew up by 25%. And from the total people that went to the showroom on the activation weekend, an 87% mentioned to have seen the painted stencil in one of the named locations.”

Client- Jayco Motorhomes
Agency- Unitas/RNL, Santiago
Executive Creative Director- Pancho Gonzalez
Creative Directors- Feudo Aravena & Raul Estrela
Country- Chile

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