Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Marathon for Water

Rethink- Promotes Science World’s Treasure Science Via Gold Billboard

Vancouver’s Rethink wrapped a billboard in 22 k gold to promote Science World’s Treasure! exhibit, and to dramatize this fact: 2 oz of gold can be hammered so thin it covers 200 square feet.


Client: Rethink

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Canada

Country: Canada

Universal Studios King Kong “Footprints”

Universal Studio’s publicity stunt: huge footprints left in the sand on Santa Monica Beach, complete with a crushed lifeguard vehicle for the new King Kong 3-D attraction, which opens at the theme park this summer.


Client: Universal Studio

Agency: David & Goliath, USA.

Country: USA

Under Break “Are you ready for street dance?”

With a very low budget, to increase the number of persons willing to dance in the street dance club “Under Break”. They chose to use in the pictures the objects, without which, it is (almost) impossible to dance: spot shoes namely the most convenient and the most popular models for street dance, as visual insertions in the ad spaces of public transport seats, with the message “Add some will and you will be ready for street dance”. Over 60 phone calls in the first week (comparing to 3 calls per week before the advertising campaign) and, as a result, the increase of number of people willing to attend the club courses. People started talking about what they saw and became therefore free promoters of the idea.


Client: Under Break- Dance Club

Agency: Piko Chisinau, Moldova.

Country: Moldova

Aqua fresh Toothbrush Cleans Between Teeth

Israel’s 1st ever stuck rotating billboard was created by ACW Grey for its client Aquafesh, where in they inserted a giant corn between the teeth of the billboard stopping it from turning. This not only gave away the message that the brand wanted to give to its TG, but also caught the eyes of the passerby.


Client: Aquafresh

Advertising Agency: ACW Grey, Israel

Country: Israel