Friday, November 6, 2009

2012=- We Were Warned…

This campaign for the film – 2012 in Brazil created an excitement among the localities- as Espaço/Z, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Agency) gave the Cantagalo Subway in Copacabana-Rio de janerio a flood like view by patching the 45m side-wall (both left and right) with a 3D creative. The campaign is drawing a lot of attention, as the passerby’s click themselves and take home an experience.


Client: Sony Pictures -2012

Agency: Espaço/Z, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Country: Brazil

Red Bull Soap Box Race 2009 @ Jerusalem

The Brief: Towards the Red Bull Soapbox Race, Red Bull’s non-motorized vehicle race that was held in Jerusalem, we were asked to notify the people in the area about the event using very low budget and in the Red Bull humoristic spirit of course.

The Solution: Because the event is a non-motorized vehicle race, that emphasizes the creativity of the vehicles, we decided to go for a guerilla campaign that will bring attention to the fact that the audience is going to see creative cars and not conventional ones. For that reason, we attached real tires to different structures, benches, boards… objects that aren’t really supposed to move, and that’s how we put across the race’s main idea. This activity took place in Jerusalem and its surrounding area.

Client: Red Bull Soap Box Race
Agency: Avraham, Israel
Country: Israel

Nestle Doncow – Let Us Be Parents Who Listen More….

The Challenge: - Recently exclusive schools and courses are becoming more and more popular in Indonesia’s big cities and some promise to help kids master skills way beyond what their age can manage. Hence, parents have set high expectations for their children and listened more to course offerings rather then their children.

The Strategy: - Starting on the National Children’s Day 2009, Nestle Dancow invited parents to listen more to children using the technology of interactive touch-screens. Nestle Dancow touch screens were situated in prestigious malls in Jakarta, where parents and children usually go to on weekend.

The Result: During that period, Nestle Dancow touch-screens succeeded in touching the hearts of the parents and made them realize the importance of listening and involving their children in the decision making process.

A preview of how the touch screen in the pic works

When you put your hand on the screen, a little girl will come to you and place her hand against yours. But when you take your hand off the screen, she will turn back and continue her piano lesson; And,if you put your hand a little longer, she will share a very important message to you.

Client: Nestle
Agency: Publicis
Country: Indonesia

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

VfL Wolfsburg (Bags-In) The Bundesliga title

2009 the German football club VfL Wolfsburg entered the record books and won their first Bundesliga title. To promote the "Champions Collection"merchandise these bags were given out to fans that purchased an item at the local fan shop, remembering everyone, which club is currently "holding" the German championship title.
The result: nationwide attention, an increase in sales and some very proud fans.

Client: VfL Wolfsburg
Agency: deepblue sports Hamburg
Country: Germany

City Blitz Economistcardio

For the latest "City Blitz" (previous cities included Philadelphia & Seattle) effort from the Economist, this poster from BBDO New York hung in 75 cities in the Dallas area. Because the posters were backlit, they resembled the glowing red monitors displaying the difficulty level on the gyms’ cardio machines.

Client: The Economist
Agency: BBDO New York

Science Fair in Brazil Educates Students On Infectious Diseases

The 1st. Science Fair of Colégio Único was titled Infectious Diseases, known as contagious diseases as well. To promote the event inside the school, it was created a poster with the typical symptoms of some diseases and it was produced about 500 stickers which were stuck on other posters nearby and also on objects that were around simulating the easy transmission of that kind of disease.

Client: Science Fair of Colégio Único
Agency: Aliança Comunicação, Recife, Brazil
Country: Brazil

HOT cable TV “Magnetic Billboard”

As part of a 360 campaign entitled ‘At home with the stars’,BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv, Israel created a 140 meter long magnetic billboard, onto which it attached over 6,000 cut-outs of entertainment celebrities that the public was invited to peel off and take home with them.

The entire display was stripped bare within 2 hours of launch, and was consequently restocked several times. The event became an instant hit and was picked up by leading media channels, including live coverage on breakfast TV.

Client: HOT Cable TV
Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv, Israel.
Country: Israel

Ratatouille’s Launch On HBO Goes By The Hole

HBO wanted to take advantage of Ratatouille’s launch on HBO to attract new subscribers. This action generated empathy for its simple genius and brought a lot of attention to the cable company at a minimum cost. In order to tempt non subscribers with the opening of the animated movie Ratatouille, JWT/Corporation Montevideo, Uruguay slid under the doors of subscribers’ houses simple printed pieces of cardboard shaped like stereotypical mouse holes. The expected response rate for this marketing action was between 5% and 10%. They distributed 3,000 rat holes, achieving a response rate of 36% of these households who decided to contact Cable Plus.
In total, they gained 843 new subscribers, which represented more than 28% of the total contacted. They exceeded their expectations twice for this simple action. This was a very cheep action to implement having a cost per contact of 25 cents. This was very profitable since each new subscriber must pay a monthly fee of 31 dollars and contracts are at least a year long.

Client: - HBO
Agency: JWT/Corporation Montevideo, Uruguay.
Country: Uruguay

Wilkinson – The Human Tennis Ball@ Roland Garros 09

The challenge was to create awareness for Wilkinson’s website called in Belgium. This website encourages people to shave in extreme ways. Part of the challenge was that there was only a budget of 10.000 Euros (14.000 US Dollars). A man was found who was willing to shave his hair and beard in the shape of a tennis ball. He was giving tickets to all important tennis matches at the Grand Slam of Roland Garros in France.

A t-shirt with the name of the DARE website was given to him, which he was wearing at all times. All major Belgian newspapers reported about this during the last week of Roland Garros. International television stations such as Eurosport and ESPN covered the story. The free publicity that Wilkinson got for this campaign was enormous.

Client: Wilkinson
Agency: Mortierbrigade Brussels, Belgium.
Country: France

Milan Bus Stops Reveals The Killer…

At the bus stops in Milan, the posters were covered by a shower curtain. When opened, the shower curtain revealed a classic assassin with a knife, ready to kill; alongside the headline that read: How does it feel to be involved in a crime.

Agency: DDB Milan, Italy.
Country: Italy

Toppits- Freshness That Lasts…

Toppits cling film is a product that keeps groceries fresh. To make this rather common fact interesting, they place the product benefit “Keeping it fresh” in an unusual environment using an eye-catching ambient by cleaning the wall where the cling film is placed.

Client: Toppits
Agency: Grey Dusseldorf, Germany
Country: Germany