Friday, July 31, 2009

Once you Pop; You can’t stop

In order to highlight the fact that Pringle chips allure you to eat more then one, PnT Amsterdam came up with this eye catching creative on the JCDecaux inventory.

Client: Pringle
Advertising Agency: PnT, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Country- Netherland

PRITT Correction Tape

To meet customer requirements and promote the new PRITT correction tape it was decided to translate the idea into an alternative media, using as its main base competitive advantage: Its durability. That's why we used the handrails of various shopping centers mimicking the endless correction tape and on the edges of the ladder is the product, simulating that it releases the correction tape. It was accompanied by a copy that read: New PRITT correction tape, more durable.

Client: PRITT
Advertising Agency: Lowe Honduras
Creative Directors: Juan Jesus Martinez, Sergio Burgos
Country: America

L Plates- Suzuki Hayabusa

In Australia for the first 12 months newly licensed riders are restricted to embarrassingly low-powered motorcycles (250cc) and must display a bright yellow L-plate at all times. So when the owners of extremely high-powered bikes (650-1000cc) returned to their vehicles to find a L-plate, they immediately felt the embarrassment of being a learner again. On removing the offending material they discovered a message implying they lacked the experience and nerve to take on the world's fastest street bike, the Suzuki Hayabusa. Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne.

Client: Suzuki
Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne
Creative Director: Jason Williams
Country: Australia

Stay Alight, Eat Marie Light

The brief given to Encyclomedia Networks Pvt. Ltd., was to come up with an 'Outdoor Creative' that speaks not only about the core brand- ‘Sunfeast Marie Light Biscuits’ and as always, they came up with an OOH friendly creative that not only meet the brief from the client but also has the potential to bring alive the brand experience for the consumer in a compelling and inspiring way.

Client: ITC Foods
Creative Agency: Encyclomedia Networks Pvt. Ltd.
Media Buying Agency: Navia Asia

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

JCDecaux Airport launches ‘The Runway’ targeting luxury brands

Airport, the UK’s leading airport advertising company is launching ‘The Runway’, 20 double-sided digital screens, running the length of the luxury retail floor in Heathrow Terminal 5. In proximity to stores such as Prada, Bulgari, Tiffany and Paul Smith, JCDecaux Airport is positioning ‘The Runway’ as the advertising equivalent to the world’s greatest shopping streets: Bond Street, 5th Avenue and Avenue Montaigne.

This is the first time these 40 faces (57 inch) are available in a stand-alone network and follows the recent Eyetracker research that proved the power of sequential advertising at airports. JCDecaux will offer the screens in a two-week campaign, targeting upmarket brands from fashion, fragrances and jewellery to luxury holidays and products.

Richard Malton, Marketing Director of JCDecaux Airport said, ‘The Runway’ provides the perfect audience and environment for luxury brands, with the flexibility to run multiple creatives. This is an opportunity for client to put their brand in a location that is more upmarket than Vogue or Elle with the added benefits that come from banks of sequential screens, as demonstrated by Eyetracker. We are already talking to a number of clients about this exciting proposition.”

JCDecaux Airport is the world leader in airport advertising, with a network of 165 airports around the world, targeting over 1 billion passengers a year. In the UK JCDecaux Airport manages 11 UK air and rail concessions. (Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Southampton Airport, Aberdeen Airport, Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow Airport, London Luton Airport, Eurotunnel, Heathrow Express and the Gatwick Express).

JCDecaux Airport launches Stansted Welcome site with Turkish Airlines

Airlines has taken a long-term holding on JCDecaux Airport’s newly launched Stansted Welcome site, reaching upmarket audiences at the UK’s 3rd busiest airport.

Part of a wider marketing campaign at UK airports and on TV, the creative will feature the actor Kevin Costner. The high-profile Welcome Site measures 13 metres x 3 metres and delivers an annual audience of 23.8 million passengers with an audience profile that is 82% ABC1.

Osman Battal, Director at Turkish Airlines, said, “We now have daily flights from Stansted so this statement site is a perfect opportunity for us to communicate with our customers, raising awareness of the quality of our service and the destinations that we offer.”

Janice Fernandes, Business Development Director at JCDecaux Airport said, “This is a new premium advertising opportunity at Stansted that is ideal for a dynamic brand such as Turkish Airlines. Stansted has seen a 13% growth in passenger numbers over the last 5 years, making the Welcome site an important addition to our airport portfolio.”

The Welcome Site is part of JCDecaux Airport’s Signature series, a design that has been introduced across BAA’s portfolio of airports. The advertising panel is front lit by uplights and features the new ambi-light pole system, which allows the uplight colour to be adjusted to customise each campaign.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Horse & Hound boutique: Scented dog sized boards

How do you reach dog owners? Through their dogs. How do you reach dogs? Through their nose. Dog-sized outdoor boards was produced. Each one was prepared with meatballs and then placed next to the boutique.

Client: Hast & Hundhuset ( The Horse & Hound boutique)
Agency: Ruth Advertising, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Directors/ Copywriters: Anders Granberg, Jenny Berg

LED Boards keep the supporter busy

To publicise the bwin porra (sweepstake) for the classic football match in Spain, Real Madrid–Barcelona, we at bwin, the leading European online betting company, set up two LED boards—one in Madrid (Paseo de la Castellana), and the other in Barcelona (Diagonal del Mar). These boards gave the two sets of supporters the opportunity to mandarse a la porra (send each other to Hell). Each board featured messages from the opposing fans, messages which changed every 20 seconds. The messages were sent through the webpage and appeared on the board in the chosen city. The messages on the two boards could also be read from the webpage as they appeared, thanks to webcams which recorded and broadcast 24 hours a day.


Advertising Agency: El Laboratorio Springer & Jacoby, Madrid, Spain
Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Holemans

Executive Creative Directors: Manuel Montes, Daniel Ilario

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Join us Let’s stop the global warming

Fundacion Natura, an Ecuadorian organization that dedicates its work to preserving the environment, recently launched this campaign which is about raising people awareness on global warming; for the same they did both Outdoor and BTL activations in malls, popular neighbourhoods and public places in Quito city. Already the activation has generated 130% rise on the web traffic, likewise the level of downloads of the environment preservation tips is raised on a 110% from the previous levels.

Orbit: Fruity fillings

In order to promote the new fruity flavored Orbit gum, GITAM/BBDO, Israel came up with these mouth watering creatives. The campaign has recently gone up in all the major towns of Israel.

Client: Orbit Gum
Advertising Agency: GITAM/BBDO, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Guy Bar
Creative Director: Eran Bar- Yohai
Country- Israel

SBS: Ashes Sledging

SBS & US Sydney continue the tradition of Ashes sledging with this fleet of mobile billboard trucks for the ongoing Ashes series between Australia and England 2009.

Client: SBS
Agency: US Sydney
Creative Director: Josh Moore
Country: Australia