Saturday, November 21, 2009

UNICEF- Landmine Stickers

In many countries, landmines are still an insidious danger to civilians. That’s what we wanted to show to anybody who walked pass the UNICEF information booths. Leo Burnett, Frankfurt, Germany placed "Invisible Landmine-Stickers" on the floor-

Their self-adhesive topsides looked exactly like the floor. When people walked over them, they stuck to their feet. While removing the stickers, people discovered the picture of a landmine on the bottom side. They were also informed that in many other countries, they would have been the victim of a landmine just at this moment. At the booths, people could get further information’s and donate to the social cause of UNICEF.”


Client: UNICEF

Agency:Leo Burnett, Frankfurt, Germany

Country: Germany

Golf GTI- Bags That Stole Away The Limelight @ Paris Motors Show

The goal was to increase the visibility of Volkswagen during the Paris Motors Show, so that the traffic could be diverted from the competitors. In order to meet the challenge Agence V, Paris gave away the this eye catching bags right at the entrance of the show.

As a result many visitors used the bag during the whole time of the show and the Volkswagen corner was truly over crowded in comparison with the previous year. Most of the visitors also kept the bag after the trade-show and thus brought more visibility to the brand.


Client: Volkswagen

Agency: Agence V, Paris, France

Country: France

Infamous Rattle Machine Drives home The Point

Saatchi & Saatchi used the infamous Indonesian 3-wheelers for transit advertising instead of taxis and buses. Bad roads, the worst suspension in the world and tons of popular jokes about these shake and rattle machines provide the perfect context to dramatize the new shake-proof image stabilizing technology in every Lumix camera.


Client: Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia

Country: Indonesia

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sabina Stobrawe “The divorse lift”

A typical wedding photo was affixed to door lift doors in a law firm. Unfortunately, every time the doors opened, the couple split up. But help was at hand for everyone in the same position as soon as they stepped into the lift: a sign showed the name of the law firm and also the floor at which the office was.

Client: Sabina Stobrawe
Agency: gkk DialogGroup GmbH Frankfurt,
Country: Germany

BMW: Translation

Park Shore BMW is located in an Auto Mall along with all its competitors and sought to differentiate itself from the pack. So Transit Shelter Ads via concerto Vancouver were bought along the road that leads to the Auto Mall to remind what BMW really stands for.

Client: Park Shore
Agency: concerto, Vancouver
Country: Canada

ITV: Collision

To promote ITV's compelling new drama "Collision" BBH London created this creative that was executed on the billboards in UK


Client: ITV
Agency: BBH London
Country: UK

Economist- Goes The Poster Way…

Ogilvy Singapore has produced a poster that will appear within the Finance & Investment sections of Singapore's CBD bookstores. The posters are to drive people to pick up a copy of The Economist.


Client: The Economist
Agency: Ogilvy, Singapore
Country: Singapore

Demolician Takes The Walkways…

Surfboard shaped floor graphics were placed by Prolam Y&R Santago on moving walkways to promote extreme sport magazine Demolicion

Client: Revista Demolicion
Agency: Prolam Y&R, Santiago
Country: Chile