Friday, March 5, 2010

Run Before It’s Over….

The idea was to inform about the TG about the ‘5 crazy days Liquidation’ from shopping Curitiba, for the same a special project was developed for backlit displays. During the day, the visualization is as usual, with a closet full of clothes. But at night, most of the clothes vanish and the phrase re-appears:- Run before its over.”

Client: Shopping Curitiba
Agency: OpusMúltipla, Curitiba, Brazil
Country: Brazil

Exhaust renewal for the exhausted, Tongue

The brief for ÇÖZÜM, Istanbul, Turkey was to draw the attention to the fact that aged exhausts might turn into a big problem if they are not fixed. For the same the agency came up with idea of stickers that were designed to look like exhausted tongues, and were placed on exhausts of cars aged 5 years older or older in order to create awareness and led the target audience to U.S.O Exhaust Centers.

Client: U.S.O Exhaust System
Agency: ÇÖZÜM, Istanbul, Turkey
Country: Turkey

Rako Condoms:- No Drip Pleasure

The brief was to create awareness for using Rako condoms by reaching active young people at the places they are most likely to visit when starting and finishing party nights.

For the same, Insomnia Advertising Agency, Hungary came up with a concept of restaurants as Many people in Hungary visit fast-food restaurants where they often eat kebab packed in the well-known foil which protects clothes from having unwanted sauce-drops on them. So this foil secures protection for everyone to enjoy the pleasure of eating a kebab. And it is a coincidence that Rako condoms have the same function: securing safe sex for people - with no dripping

As far as the implementation goes, Insomnia Advertising took advantage of this similarity in the communication of Rako condoms and we used this unconventional channel of ambient communication. With this the access of concerned young target group is guaranteed just because almost each of them have taken delight in enjoying the pleasures of eating a kebab.

Client: Rako Condoms
Agency: Insomnia Advertising Agency, Hungary

Pal FM Song Request Hotline “Napkin”

To create awareness for the “Song Request Hotline” of PalFM, one of the biggest radio channels in Turkey. ÇÖZÜM Instanbul, Turkey. came up with an old and famous tradition in Turkish people’s entertainment culture. If you are at a place where there’s live music and you want to request a song, you write the name of the song on a piece of napkin and send it to the artist and your requested song is played by the artist.

They based this tradition at the center of their idea and designed the collateral materials in the form of a napkin. The message on the napkins look like they are handwritten in pen. They distributed these napkins in cafes, restaurants and bars where our target is present.

Client: Pal FM
Agency: ÇÖZÜM Instanbul, Turkey.
Country: Turkey

Curitiba City Government “Car screech mark”

Aware/instruct the public that ingests alcoholic beverages and afterwards takes risks behind the wheel. This action was created for the Curitiba City Government using stencil techniques, simulating a car screech mark.

The action took place in the city streets in several places with considerable youth and alcohol traffic: around bars, restaurants and night clubs. After seeing the car screech mark, the public would read the message “The City Government can replace this post. But not a life. If you drink, don’t drive.” Gouache paint was used. After the message was delivered, the intervention disappeared naturally and progressively, with no damage to the city streets and sidewalks.

Client: Curitiba City Government
Agency: OpusMultipla Curitiba, Brazil.
Country: Brazil

CoverGirl LashBlast Length “Entry Gate”

To showcase the category’s largest brush, a new media space was created – the subway exit turnstiles themselves. Dramatizing the benefit of LashBlast Length, the exit turnstiles were wrapped in yellow to look like an extremely long brush, and the crossbars were wrapped in black to demonstrate the extremely long lashes you get as a result of using the mascara.

Client: Lash Blast Length
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Canada.
Country: Canada

Tambour “Look what color can do”

As part of its “Color Month” campaign, Tambour, Israel’s largest paint retailer sponsored free parking in Eilat (#1 tourist city in Israel). The Event: Tambour took over the Hotel Boulevard, painting the sidewalk borders in all the colors of the rainbow. Anyone parking on a color got to park for free. Last weekend, Eilat’s Mayor and Tambour’s CEO cut the ribbon and launched the campaign.

Client: Tambour
Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive, Israel.
Country: Israel

KitKat “Chair Poster”

KitKat Chair Posters placed strategically at the entrance of the parks and squares, the KitKat poster can be assembled into chairs to “Have a Break.”

Client: KitKat
Agency: JWT Auckland, New Zealand.
Country: New Zealand

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Deserres Art Store: Haring, Mondrian, Lichtenstein

The Insight :There is nothing more frustrating to the inspired artist than knowing what he/she wants to create but arriving t the store only to find that the materials he wants are out of stock or simply not available.

The Brief: Establish ODS as the place that will always have what you are looking for. A place that is never out of stock. A place that is totally reliable as a source of endless art supplies.

The Solutions: Recreating amazing iconic art works, larger than life, out of a seemingly endless supply of the very materials needed to create such pieces.

Client: Deserres Art Store
Agency: Noiln BBDO, Montreal, Canada.
Country: Canada.