Friday, August 28, 2009

Drain Pipe makes a Putt b4 The Mini-Golf World Championship 2009

The challenge was to promote the Mini-Golf World Championships 2009 with a non-existent budget. In the city of Odense they used drainpipes, which were connected to gutters, to create extremely difficult mini-golf courses. This activity was done ahead of the turning event, which was also mentioned in several Danish newspapers.

Agency: Bach+ Andersen Copenhagen, Denmark

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Foundation of Education for Life and Society- Schooling Opportunity in Thailand

The brief was to create a donation box which calls out to the society the very problem Thailand unknowingly facing. And, close to 100,000 youngsters in the country have no access to schooling education, as many of them are home-less, risking their youths on the street- coz even the cheapest government school is unaffordable. ( A primary reason, as to what prevents these poor children from their opportunity to go to school…is not the school fence, but the unimaginable gap of the country’s economy, which deadlocks them from their promising future.)

The challenge and objective was to get attention from the target consumer, and for the same, High Advertising Bangkok came up with a solution, where-in they used a display of the boy – making a donation box, and placed the same on a pedestrian in front the school. So, that if any baht donated into the box- it would then help unlock the door to their education.

The Times Of India to be honored for ‘Lead India Campaign’; as Spikes Asia Introduces Advertiser Of The Year Award

The organisers of the 1st Spikes Asia Advertising Festival are pleased to announce the launch of a new prestigious award, Advertiser of the Year, to be presented to advertisers who have distinguished themselves through inspiring, innovative marketing of their products, who embrace and encourage the creative work produced by their agencies or who lead the way with new communication initiatives.

The first Advertiser of the Year award will be presented to The Times of India Group on September 18, 2009 in honour of its Lead India campaign, an initiative to seek out the next generation of leaders for India.
Traditionally, the political system in India has been dominated by people who are either career politicians or born into various political ‘dynasties’. The Lead India programme endeavored to bring a new breed of political leaders into the political arena by creating a highly visible platform where new candidates could showcase their vision, ideas and skills to lead the country into the future. Further, it encouraged millions of ordinary Indians to offer their opinions to help choose India’s next generation of leaders.

The Lead India initiative, which evaluated applicants on their ability to lead India into the future while still being able to work within the constraints of the current political system, was launched on 14 August 2007. The first phase, spanning August and September 2007, consisted of inviting people to come forward and participate in the programme. This was held across eight Indian cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Pune and Ahmedabad. During the second phase, in October, the contestants were ranked to select a winner from each of the eight cities. The national finals held from December to February 2008 resulted in the selection of the national winner.

The initiative captured the imagination of the country in a way that few campaigns had done in past. It won numerous awards around the world, including the Direct Lions Grand Prix and an Integrated Lion at Cannes 2008; Abby’s 2008 Integrated Campaign of the Year Grand Prix; and winner of ‘Best of Show’, ‘Brand awareness across platforms’ and ‘Public relations and community service’ awards at INMA 2008.
Commenting on this new award, Terry Savage, Festival Chairman, said, “Year on year we continue to see The Times of India pushing the boundaries. This is a brand that is not afraid to step beyond the line by encouraging creative thought and passion both in its readers as well as in its marketing and advertising campaigns and which, in doing so, gives a powerful resonance to its product. This is an attribute that should be valued within the industry, and it is why the Festival believes The Times of India should be honoured with such an accolade.”

Bhaskar Das, Executive President of The Times of India, said, "The winning idea is the magic bullet. A mould breaker, a convention shaker; it pulls the ordinary by the scruff of its neck and takes it into the incredible. Through The Times of India campaigns, over the years, be it “Lead India”, “Teach India” or “TOI Chennai launch”, we realised that these ideas are humbling in their simplicity and powerful in their ability to change the world around us. Thus, it is truly heartening to know that these ideas have been well appreciated by the entire Asian advertising fraternity. Thank you for the global recognition."

Published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., The Times of India now reaches more than seven million people on a daily basis and has grown to become the world’s largest English daily published in 15 Indian cities. Its website is the biggest English news website in the world. As an acknowledgement of this, the BBC has ranked The Times of India among the six best newspapers in the world. It is a brand that has always believed in challenging conventional media and providing its readers with choices.

The Advertiser of the Year trophy will be presented to Bhaskar Das, Executive President of The Times of India Group, in Singapore during the Awards Ceremony at the Victoria Concert Hall on Friday 18 September 2009.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TV3: Transformers On The Billboard

In order to promote Transformers on TV3, Colenso BBDO, Auckland did this billboard activity in New Zealand.


Client- TV3
Agency- Colenso BBDO, Auckland
Executive Creative Director- Nick Worthington
Country- New Zealand

IKEA Sofa: Fits Every Home

To show that IKEA furniture could fit in every household, PnT, Netherlands placed IKEA sofa on the billboard; where in they made sure that every few seconds the background was changed, but the sofa remained the same.


Client: IKEA
Agency: - PnT, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art Director- Paul Stienen

Scotch: - Empty Yet Special

In order to promote the Scotch Whiskey in Columbia, TXT, Bogota came up with this simple yet innovative idea of placing a replica of the Scotch – inside a MUPI of a bus-shelter, that read- “ Some thing special”.

Client: Scotch Whiskey
Advertising Agency: TXT, Bogota, Colombia
Creative Director: Javier Beltran

ChicagoNow: Chalk A Blog

To top off the blitz, Zig, USA (Agency) created a “chalk blog” in Chicago’s busy Pioneer Court using 40 eight-foot boards spread throughout the courtyard. We posed some of the provocative questions that spark debate on ChicagoNow blogs every day, such as “What would you do to improve the CTA?” and “What will the Olympics do for this city?” The chalk blog drew thousands of visitors with just as many opinions, giving them the opportunity to experience Chicago Now offline. One of the most important strategic considerations was that people who read blogs don’t just care about the posts from the bloggers – they also care about what other readers have to say in the comments. This was one ambient way of capturing that.

Client-: Chicago Now
Agency: - Zig, USA
Creative Director- Stephen Leps