Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saint Polytechnic: Aging Billboard

At SAINT Polytechnic you cab get a career for life according to Wax, Calgary.
Client: SAIT
Agency: Wax, Calgary
Country: Canada

Hibuk Rishon’s (First Hug) “Doormat”

Raise awareness of Hibuk Rishon’s (First Hug) activities, and enlarge the number of volunteers. People are not familiar with the association, let alone its activities. Furthermore, they don’t feel a connection to the abandoned babies because it’s something that’s beyond them – not part of their everyday concerns.

People feel more of a connection to things that are tangible. Abandoned babies are not just a statistic in some report. They are real and defenseless and in need of people’s help. To give people a feeling of responsibility for the abandoned babies by demonstrating that these babies are in fact real and in need of help.

Client: Hibuk Rishon’s
Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv, Israel.
Country: Israel

Meiji “Stronger”

McCann Worldgroup Bangkok created life-sized stickers of a sumo wrestler, a rugby player, a judokan and a wrestler. These stickers were affixed on the revolving doors of buildings to interact with their consumers. Once they pushed against the door, it seemed like these sportsmen push back and don’t allow them to come in. But of course, the door opened in the usual way. The copy line says simply “Milk makes you stronger. Meiji.”

Client: Meji Milk
Agency: McCann Worldgroup Bangkok, Thailand.
Country: Thailand

Faber Castell “Biker”

Unitas/RNL Santiago developed a low budget proposal for Faber Castell, to position their highlighters in their present targets- Mainly young college students. For this they detected one moment, night time and one necessity: to stand out and not cause an accident. What did they do? Make bicycle riders stand out just like a word in a book. How? They gave out vest with high visibility at night, to ride through the bicycle paths of the city. These vest had the classic colors that are related to highlighters and were appropriate to represent the Faber Castell trademark.

Client: Faber Castell
Agency: Unitas/RNL Santiago, Chile.
Country: Chile

Mahesh Parab Dog Training “Bow Wow!”

Mr. Mahesh Parab has always lived, loved and celebrated his four-legged friends. He converted this into a business and runs a personalized dog training service for high pedigree dogs. His clientele was a small set of the affluent in Mumbai, who relied upon him to train the latest addition to their family.
His business has run on word of mouth till date until his decision to advertise his services. Sure it is lovely to see your trained faithful, sit, roll over and behave beautifully when visitors come to stay, top of mind is training it to answer the call of nature in a perfect way.
Keeping in mind the places visited by the kind of clientele Mr. Mahesh Parab caters to, mysterious paw marks were placed leading into washrooms, all the way through to the commode and even on it. On lifting the cover the vistor would find the name and number of Mr. Mahesh Parab. As a result Mr. Mahesh Parab’s life has completely Gone to the dogs.

Client:Mahesh Parab Dog Training
Agency: Percept/H Mumbai, India.
Country: India “T-shirts”

Dutch broker sells the cheapest plane tickets, guaranteed. So they sent several (promoter)-travelers to the international airport of Amsterdam, wearing these provocative T-shirts. The objective: evoking jealousy among all other travelers. Even the passengers on the plane were informed about the same along their journey.

Agency: New Message Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Country: The Netherlands

Toyota Yaris Cast's Its Blanket @ Launch

Shockingly introduce the new Toyota Yaris in the male and female youth segment, Hatchback car users. Transforming the 3 principal competing models (VW Golf, Peugeot 306 and Renault Clio) in the new Toyota Yaris, inviting owners to test drive and challenging them to “change” their cars “old” with the new Yaris. Blankets were used vinyl printed with the design of the new Toyota Yaris, to cover all competing models that were parked in the places most frequented by the target: college parking lots, malls, pubs and nightclubs.

When the owner approached the car covered puzzled, appeared a couple of promoters who removed the blanket and handed him a gift (top sun). They had previously placed the invitation to test drive the pilot’s side mirror. The results showed a 21% of a total of 1.630 contacts for the test drive. 80% of sales to date have been specified in the youth segment.

Client: Toyota Yaris
Agency: Positivo Lima, Peru.
Country: Peru

Sunday, January 31, 2010

MTV The Buried Life: Storefront Domination

MTV was seeking a ground breaking street level ad that would promote the series premier of their new show “The buried life”. To present MTV with a user engaged ad, Monster Media, the global leader in storefront advertising, partnered with Maude to develop a campaign experience that would make a distinguishable connection between pedestrians and MTV’s “The buried life”. The Ad was placed at 521 5th NYC.

MTV’s documentary series asks the question –‘What do you want to do before you die?’ following four young men on their journey to mark items off their list while helping strangers mark goals off theirs’. Mirroring that intention, the unique storefront included three areas to submit your goal to achieve, an oversized scrolling list of all wishes and an area to select a clip from the show to preview.

The campaign was a huge success as it increased the viewer awareness of the series premier and recorded high number of engagements within the first day of launch.


Client: MTV

Agency: Orlando-based Monster Media and Maude, USA

Country: USA

Leekaja Hairbis “Sweet & lovely style for you”

The purpose of the promotion was to inform customers about LKJ’s effort to create new hairstyles over the years. Also, with the 37% discount coupon they were offering to celebrate their 37th anniversary, the targets were to experience LKJ and eventually become a potential client.


Client: LKJ’s

Agency: Diamond Ogilvy Seoul, South Korea.

Country: South Korea

Karma T-Shirt “Your ad here”

Karma is a clothing and home accessories store which also offers customize T-Shirts where customers can put whatever they want on the T-Shirt. They use their T Shirt as the media.


Client: Karma

Agency: Dentsu Jakarta, Indonesia.

Country: Indonesia

A love letter for you

Stephen Powers, an artist from Philadelphia, decided to paint the walls of the city with loving words. To do so, he created a site, and asked people to send phrases. Fifty of those phrases were painted by 40 volunteers, between artists and city dwellers, who learned the technique in workshops taught by him. Then, he chose to paint the walls that were in the route of an old railway line that passes through the city. The project will also become a documentary and a book.

Youth In Distress In Israel “Welcome mat”

More than 300,000 adolescents in Israel are living in the streets and are vulnerable to a variety of risk situations, crisis, trauma and distress. ELEM (Youth in Distress in Israel) is the largest organization in Israel which helps them. Their goal was to increase awareness towards donation day. They wanted to demonstrate people the strong feeling of thousands of adolescents which have no home to come back to. They manufactured thousands of fake doormats with “NOT WELCOME” printed on them. Hundred of ELEM volunteers placed them at doorsteps on top of the common “WELCOME” doormats. On the other side of the doormats was the solution.


Client: ELEM

Agency: Gitam BBDO Tel Aviv, Israel.

Country: Israel