Sunday, March 14, 2010

WWF Australia Earth hour “Plant Spikes”

Wunderman Sydney has created what is believed to be another world first initiative as part of this year’s Earth Hour campaign. ‘Plant Spikes’ follows last year’s multi award-winning augmented reality project ‘Earth in Your Hands’ that encouraged more than 35000 people to create a 3D Earth. The 2010 initiative has opened a new media channel aimed at businesses around the country. Plant Spikes is a low-budget environmentally friendly way to reach staff in office buildings and encourage them to get their businesses supporting Earth Hour.
To penetrate offices and get maximum impact, Wunderman chose office greenery to carry this year’s Earth Hour message. Their solution was to create spikes that could be “planted” into office pot plants, distributed by plant hire companies during usual watering rounds. In what could be a world first, Wunderman and STI Lilyfield developed a new ink containing natural plant fertiliser that is released to feed the pot plant as the spike biodegrades in the soil. Wunderman CD Matt Batten said the spikes have proved to be a spectacularly simple way of raising awareness of business’ role in creating pollution and getting office workers on-side to help reduce emissions. The message on the plant spikes was simple, ‘I help your environment. Please help mine.’ “The team delivered a triple innovation by using office greenery as a media channel for Earth Hour, then engaging a whole new distribution channel through plant hire companies and the brilliant initiative to develop and use a fertilising ink. They’ve actually produced a piece of marketing that physically helps a small part of the

STI Lilyfield printers developed FSC-certified paper and an organic liquid fertiliser was mixed with vegetable-based inks to create fertiliser-rich ink capable of superior quality print that benefits the plant as it naturally breaks down. According to Nick Tunstall, STI Lilyfield, “The trick was to get a fertiliser that would not damage valuable printing presses, mix with the ink and not affect printability or quality. After much brain storming and hard work, we felt we had the right product and produced an innovative piece of work which we are really proud of.” The fertilising spikes have been distributed by TPR Group, which supplies office plants to more than 1500 businesses across Australia. Wunderman have also helped Earth Hour with a couple of digital elements this year – an web-app that lets you view websites by candlelight, and a Virtual Light Switch as a fun facebook application and a microsite.

Client: WWF
Agency: Wunderman, Australia.
Country: Australia

IKEA “Paris Metro Station”

IKEA’s inviting travellers to test two couches “Ektorp” and “Kalstad”, in its Paris m├ętro stations.

Client: IKEA
Agency: IKEA, France.
Country: France

Toronto Academy Of Karate: Karateboard

Brief: Without a main location to call their own, the Toronto Academy of Karate typically holds their classes in schools, churches and recreational centres throughout the city. They were looking for a simple way of attracting students and potential customers to their current day’s location.

Solution: By demonstrating one of the school’s core benefits, The Extreme Group constructed a fun, mobile sign that resembled a karate-chopped plank of wood.

Client: Toronto Academy of Karate
Agency: Extreme Group, Toronto
Country: Canada

BSA Foldman: Pack and Go Poster and Carton

The foldable bicycle from BSA was printed on real cartons and placed at key BSA GO outlets in a way that no packing box has ever been before. Customers were drawn to this intriguing poster that could be taken down and folded in to box, ready to take. Succinctly driving home the ease of folding the cycle and it’s primary benefit – Pack and Go. A folded version of the carton was also placed at the counter as an information “boxlet” inviting customers to take one home now!

Client: BSA Cycles
Advertising Agency: JWT, India
Country: India


He's got a big one

Client: TV NZ
Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand
Country: New Zealand

Aldeas Infantiles: SOS Mothers Wanted

Aldeas Infantiles SOS needs the support of woman who can dedicate 100% of their time to the care of children victimized of social risk. These children need someone to take care of them just like a mother would take care of their child at home feeding them, taking them to school and teaching them important values and responsibilities in life.
As a request we ask for high senses of mothers instincts, to not have any commitments that would interfere with the labors of taking care of their new child and to have completed any maternal cicles. All of these conditions make finding a mother for Aldeas Infantiles SOS a very important and huge labor. We crossed all over town going to different supermarkets, offices and streets putting up posters that said Mothers Wanted with a child's perspective, with the drawings of mothers.

Client: Aldeas Infantiles
Agency: Unitas/RNL, Santiago, Chile
Country: Chile

3) Tony Divino Toyota:Upside-Down Ads Are Hard To Ignore

Part of an ongoing campaign touting the client's honest, straightforward approach. Conceived and posted before Toyota's recent troubles for what it's worth.

Client: Tony Divino Toyota
Advertising Agency: Richter7, Salt Lake City, USA

Country: USA