Friday, October 2, 2009

Israel: ‘Shaken’ Airport Billboard For Yotvata Dairy

To launch the new Yotvata chocolate milkshake Shalmore Avon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel decided to shake things up- They were inspired by the tiled design of the terminal walls at the Israeli’s Ben-Gurion International Airport and used them to create this ‘shaken’ board.

Client: Yotvata Dairy
Agency: Shalmore Avon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel
Country: Israel

Bucharest Traffic Police- Pissing Test

In Bucharest, the majority of the drunk drivers are men.The urinals in the men’s bathroom were transformed by Mercury 360/ Bucharest in an active reminder of the reduced ability to drive when being drunk.

Client: Bucharest Traffic Police
Agency: Mercury 360/ Bucharest
Country: Romania

FPA Australia Reminds Of The Dangers From Cigarette

On and around Saturday the 7th of February 2009, 173 people in Victoria lost their lives and over 400 people were seriously injured in Australia’s worst ever bushfire. This outdoor poster ad from 303 Group Sydney is a reminder of the dangers of cigarettes and their ability to cause large-scale damage if not extinguished properly.

Client: FPA Australia
Agency: 303 Sydney
Country: Australia

Monday, September 28, 2009

WWF Germany- Raises Awareness On Global Warming!!!

Ice sculptures in the shape of humans were placed on the steps of the music hall in Gendarmenmarkt public square in Berlin September 2, 2009. Hosted by the German World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), 1,000 ice sculptures were positioned on the steps in the German capital at noon, to highlight climate change in the arctic region.

Client:- German World wide Fund Nature (WWF)
Artist: Nele Azevedo
Country: Germany

LAFA- Helps Stockholmers To Safe Sex

Even though young people know that condoms are generally a good idea, they aren't that good at using them. The target group20-30 has become more careless and consequentially Chlamdia, HIV and other disease are growing in numbers.
The problem, as studies suggest, has to do with the attitude. Young people seen condoms as an embarrassing break, a must-do at best, and many are afraid that they will be perceived unfavorable, if they suggest a condom.
In order to over come this, LAFA- The Stockholm Country Aids Prevention Program teamed up with their agency -Ester, Stockholm, Sweden to make condoms a natural part of fun to safe sex. In doing so, they handed out 1, 00,000 free condoms in Stockholm.
Every condom was printed with a unique number (from no.1 to 100,000) and at the campaign blog people could upload their own stories about what happened to their specific number. In other words; how the condom was put to use.
The condoms were distributed at bus stations, festivals and through special condom posters at bars and cafes. Print ads, banners, v iral films and guerilla supported the campaign. Please note that "08" is the area code for Stockholm.
The result was outstanding; as the blog was visited by over 1, 10,000 Stockholmers. Hundreds of hones and sexy stories were submitted. The numbered condoms were featured in all the large newspapers, on Prime Time TV and National Radio, in thousands of blogs and twitters. The campaign was widely praised by every one from sex bloggers to politicians. Approximately 100,000 young Swedes got laid, safely.

Client: LAFA- The Stockholm Country Aids Program
Agency: Ester, Stockholm, Sweden
Country: Sweden

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ponds- The Acne Solution To Spot Free Face

To show how a pimple can be nuisance, Ogilvy & Mather Makati City, Philippines installed a red siren light on the face of a pretty girl. The rotating beams of light combined with the loud blare of a siren demonstrated the point to good effect for its client Ponds.

Client: Ponds

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Makati City, Philippines


Rexona- Unveiling The New Fragrance

Rexona introduces its new fragrance inspired by delicate perfumes and with the support of outdoor advertising, invites woman attracted to the fragrance expelled by the poster to remove a sample and keep it. Each week, the slips of paper were replaced with new perfumed ones.

Client: Rexona

Agency: Lowe Ginkgo Montevideo, Uruguay.

Country: Uruguay

Audi R8- The Garage Activity

Following its Canadian releasy early this summer, the Audi R8 5.2 V10 sold out immediately. With fans clamoring to own of these groundbreaking vehicles, they pioneered an equally groundbreaking advertising solution - one that gives every person the chance to get an R* for their garage. Available at "", this 1:1 scale, photo realistic banner, conforms to garages and mirrors everything exept the vehicle's price.


Client: Audi R8

Agency: Lowe Roche Toronto, Canada.

Country: Canada