Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dubai Metro “Abandoned Cars”

Saatchi & Saatchi wrote Metro messages on abandoned cars in Dubai – as if people hadn’t abandoned the country. Credits:- Client: Dubai Metro Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai, UAE. Country: UAE

Visa “Go back to Pompeii

To raise awareness of Visa's sponsorship of the Pompeii exhibit at our National Museum, we greeted all visitors to Wellington Airport with a lava flow that ran around the baggage carousel. Complemented by traditional media, this ambient execution made sure nobody could miss our message. Credits:- Client: VISA Advertising Agency: TBWA\Tequila, Auckland, New Zealand Country: New Zealand

Purina “Bark in the Park”

Purina Bark in the Park is ‘the day for you and your dog’, so they made posters for people, and posters for their dogs. A meaty smelling attractant was also applied to lower posters so nearby dogs were drawn to them, making them appear to read.
Credits:- Client: Purina Bark Agency: Ogilvy Auckland, New Zealand. Country: New Zealand

Miniature Prices- East Coast Trains: London to York / Leeds

Dentsu London have extended their Miniature Prices' campaign for East Coast beyond traditional media. By constructing a number of Miniature Poster sites and placing them around London Dentsu wanted to get the idea of Miniature Prices in direct contact with consumers. Dentsu created their small dioramas and tiny to-scale artwork for the posters which were placed on the pavement for people to discover. Credits:- Client: Miniature Prices Advertising Agency: Dentsu London, UK Country: UK

NOWME Home Violence Consultation Office: Anti Domestic Violence

The Challenge:- Make people recognize domestic violence around them & prevent young victims from suffering from domestic violence Strategy:- Lead an experience of peeking at domestic violence happening through a crack door. Solution:- Outside the room, Promofactory placed a child who is in fear and watching secretly his father inside the room using violence through a crack door. They hung a message on the door knob, appealing to draw attention to domestic violence and recommended helpline of domestic violence counceling centre. The Result: People had a second hand experience of domestic violence through the advertisement and some who became interested watched closely inside and outside situation of the room. Credits:- Client: NOWME (Children) Home Violence Advertising Agency: Promofactory, Seoul Korea Country: Korea