Sunday, May 30, 2010

Panamericana School of Art & Design- How Far Your Creativity Can Go Design:-

As a part of the campaign whose end line was -' How far your creativity can go'. Almap BBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil created a spinning panel with actual nails and placed it at the entrance of the gallery where people could use their imagination with a single point of departure- the nail.

Client: Panamericana School of Art & Design
Agency: Almap BBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Country: Brazil

Avida Furnitures- Just a stone throw away


Client: Avida
Agency: BBDO Guerrero / Proximity, Philippines
Country: Philippines

HP “Touchsmart Graffiti Wall”

To launch HP Touchsmart PC, a computer with touchscreen technology, the Touchsmart Graffiti Wall was created. Turbo, the most famous graffiti artist in Turkey was responsible for the artwork of the wall, where 3 Touchsmarts were attached. People could draw their own graffitis with their fingertips and submit them to a hotsite. On the hotsite, where it’s also possible to create new artworks, all the participants are competing for a HP Touchsmart PC until the end of this month. The stunt also counted with a press event held in one of the most popular art galleries in Istanbul. More than 100 journalists tried the product and received a t-shirt personalized by Turbo.


Client: HP

Agency: Torke Boutique Guerrilla, Turkey.

Country:- Turkey

Ogilvy Action Yunes: I want to get in…

Laura Holzmann, an Argentinian creative. She wanted to get in to Ogilvy in Cordoba, Argentina. She tried to call them but didn't get an answer. She had the idea to make a graffiti in front o the agency (pictured on the bottom right). The graffiti included her website address. Suddenly they called her next morning. She did get an interview, but not the job. Still happy about the experience she published about it on the internet and got popular. She was interviewed by a local TV channel. Soon this action was seen by other agencies and Buenos Aires and they called her for work.


Creative: Laura Holzmann
Street artist: Mariano Fernández

Country: Argentina

Solidarites International: Water Poster