Friday, January 8, 2010

Firefly- The Medium Is The Message!!!

Fluorescent lights in the Philippines are notorious for quickly burning out. This offered a great opportunity for firefly, a lighting brand, to claim the territory of longevity, making it rise above competition who came ahead of it in the marketplace.

As the city is always littered with ad signage’s, ordinarily always lit. So, TBWA, Philippines thought – what if they made use these mediums to demonstrate Firefly’s longevity, by depicting the consequence of using a competitive brand?

As a result, a UAI (Usage Attitude Image) brand study is currently underway, and toplines have started to trickle in. There are indications that consumers are beginning to associate Firefly with being “Longer Lasting”, a sure offshoot of the tactical effort.

Client: Firefly
Agency: TBWA Philippines
Country: Philippines

Discover The World In High Definition- Documentaries On SKY HD

Heye Group (Agency) was asked to increase the amount of Sky subscribers as well as the interest in SKY HD programs by showing what High Definition pictures has to offer. In order to achieve that, they produced these billboards across Germany that played the classic “Noise” image and surprised people when they took a closer look.

Credits: -

Client: SKY
Agency: Heye Group, Munich, Germany
Country: Germany

Tata DoCoMo- Do More Every Sec

Do more every second. Life is all about making every second count. Through pioneering products and promise, Tata DoCoMo has taken this simple truth and made it its core positioning. This innovative hoarding further extends this idea through a mechanism that simulates a constantly ‘ticking’ digital clock.

Client: Tata DoCoMo
Advertising Agency: Draftfcb + Ulka, Mumbai, India
Country: India

Adshel Slot Machine

Lottery bonds are a savings product where, instead of interest payments, investors can win prizes. For each lottery bond you buy you have several chances to win a million Swedish kronor. The best part is that all the money you invest is guaranteed and repaid when your bonds mature – in other words, you can win but never lose. So, to support our overall concept “Like winning but hate to lose?” Storåkers McCann, Stockholm, Sweden built the world’s most generous slot machine

Client: Adshel Slot Machine
Agency: Storåkers McCann, Stockholm, Sweden

Country: Sweden

Saltin Noel Integral “Zebra”

The white lines for pedestrian crossings were modified to make them look like if they were a representation of the digestive system. “Make your life simpler. Whole grain Saltin Noel crackers. Help regulate your body”.

Client: Saltin Noel
Agency: McCann Erickson Medellin, Colombia.
Country: USA

Ramlösa “Great art”

With the project STOR KUNST (Great Art) carbonated water brand Ramlösa offered people the opportunity to upload their artwork on and get selected for an offline exhibition at Gallery STOR KUNST in Copenhagen. To promote the project and encourage creatives and artists to upload work to the site, they placed posters that paid tribute to graffiti and street art around town, encouraging passers-by to upload their own art on More than 500 uploads and 10.000 visitors to the site in three weeks with no other media than PR and posters.


Agency: Plant Copenhagen, Denmark.
Country: Denmark

Heineken “Boxes”

At the end of the year Heineken put the famous Walk-in Fridge commercial air once more. At the same time they created a little mystery by putting huge Walk-in Fridge boxes on the streets of Amsterdam on garbage day, to imply that the huge fridge was actually for sale and that people were actually buying it.

Client: Heineken
Agency: TBWA\Neboko Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Country: Netherland

GBB Beauty Salon “Bikini Waxing Poster”

To promote the recently opened GBB beauty salon in one of the biggest office buildings in Bucharest, to the woman that work in the building, with a minimal budget. The office building is a busy place, so they needed a surprising way of drawing ladies’ attention. They placed special posters in the building lobby. The women were invited to tear off one of the hairs and call the number written on it for a reservation, thus demonstrating how easy waxing becomes when using the salon’s services.

Client: GBB Beauty Salon
Agency: Tempo Advertising, Bucharest, Romania
Country: Romania

Pacific Blue Cross Sanitizer

The aim was to raise awareness about the benefits of extended health coverage-while we often think about the things that we can do to prevent illness like watching our diet, exercising and avoiding the spread of germs, we don’t always consider the importance of having health insurance. At the peak of flu season, Pacific Blue Cross gave shoppers a place to cleanse their hands with a helpful reminder to look after their health.

Client: Blue Cross Sanitizer
Agency: DDB Vancouver, Canada
Country: Canada

Altschul Orthodontics- A Way To Beautiful Smile

The brief for the agency (Marked for Trade, USA) was to show how Altschul Orthodontics gives you a beautiful straight smile. For the same the agency came up with a solution- where in they took the photograph of the crosswalks around the city and manipulated them to show a photo of the crosswalks before they were straightened.


Client: Altschul Orthodontics
Advertising Agency: Marked for Trade, USA
Country: USA

Razer Sharp Martor Blades

An alternative billboard caught everyone's attention due its...'slice effect'. False sliced in half pigeons we're displayed under this cool Martor razor.

Client: Martor Razor

Country: Germany

Luck Is Every Where…

In order to increase the use of slot machines at the Gran Casino of Madrid, they set a different riffle: a placard with the image of a slot machine was placed in a bridge. The space usually occupied by fruit was holes that gave a view to an avenue.

The challenge was to shoot 3 cars of the same color stopped in the traffic light on this avenue. People should send their pictures by MMS to the Casino with a chance to win 80,000 euros. More than 15,000 MMS were received within two weeks of the campaign and achieved a 16% increase in the use of slot machines.


Client: Gran Casino of Madrid
Agency: BUNGALOW 25 Madrid, Spain.
Country: Spain

Brewing Like Poster Hanging Should Never Be Rushed…

This is an installation that's just gone up at Wellington Airport which is providing some amusement to the locals. Barnes, Catmur & Friends had to be very precise with the installation instructions to make sure it went up incorrectly.

Client: Independent Liquor
Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends
Country: New Zealand

IOM: Stop Human Trafficking!!!

KAA CHONJO BEWARE, be cautious and alert OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING says McCann, Kenya.

Client: IOM Kenya
Agency: McCann, Kenya
Country: Kenya