Thursday, September 24, 2009

HBO Cube:- Embodying The HBO Philosophy

The HBO Imagine campaign, an expression and embodiment of the HBO philosophy—to be the preeminent source of entertainment experiences that change perspectives, defy expectations and challenge the status quo—has officially launched.
The multi-platform storytelling experience sets out to prove that there are many sides to every story and a change in perspective changes everything. The centerpiece of HBO Imagine is, an online universe that allows users to dive headfirst into an interactive story and game-like experience that deepens the more one explores it.
There are over 41 pieces of content, including short- and long-form video, audio files, news stories, letters and images that are connected to each other, revealing more of the big picture with each click. Users can navigate the story by unlocking and viewing the content. HBO Imagine is also being realized in a multi-city outdoor installation called The Cube.
The HBO Cube is a unique, new storytelling device that offers four different perspectives on the same scene simultaneously. In telling the same story from four distinct points of view, each side of the cube stands alone as an engaging film, and as one piece of a larger puzzle. As viewers move around the cube, they watch the story unfold from different perspectives, forming different perceptions, and often misperceptions, of the characters and plot.
Only by watching the story unfold from multiple sides of the cube can one begin to see the bigger picture. The HBO Cube features two films, each 2 minutes and each played twice successively, on a rotating basis.

Client: HBO
Agency: BBDO New York, The Barbarian Group, USA
Country: USA

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dove- Scaling Up The Beauty

As part of Dove's famous campaign for real beauty the put prepared weight sclaes in girls locker rooms of schools and public swimming pools. When in use they display a simple truth: real beauty can't be measured in kilos.

Client: Dove
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Düsseldorf, Germany.
Country: Germany

Adidas- The Cool Apparel Collection

Adidas wanted to launch its new sportswear Gazelle with Cool Climate technology, that keeps the users fresh while running. This product was being launched in hot climate cities such as, Cartagena, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga (Colombia). In order to sell the benefit of this technology, the stores were equipped with refrigerators. Inside, laid the Cool Climate outfit (shoes, shirt and shorts).
Once the user opened the refrigerator he/she obtained the outfit in a cool temperature. In addition to this, ventilators were situated below the clothes, a constant movement of the clothes supported the freshness concept.
This strategy communicates that staying fresh while exercising is essential. The runners that took part of this experience are now Gazelle users. Therefore the Cool Climate sportswear is now seen as the ideal gear to exercise in hot climates.

Client: Adidas
Agency: Pull & Push Y&R, Bogotá, Colombia.
Country: Colombia

McDonald's - The 24 Hr. Shop

DDB, The Philippines (Creative Agency) had to find an innovative way to communicate to motorists that McDonald's is open 24 hours. They created a clock using McDonald's products as numbers to whet the appetite of motorists and drive home the idea that these treats are available anytime of the day.

The campaign was strategically placed in high-traffic area to entice consumers to visit their store. It was an effective hunger trigger! The clock helped generate increase in sales by 13,9% vs same period of last year.
Client: McDonald's
Agency: DDB, The Philippines.
Country: Philippines

Planetarium Prague- Get into the Universe

The planetarium Prague disposes of a new projection system which shows to its visitors a suggestive view on the universe- as they would be the very part of it. Movement of the universe inspired us to create a non- traditional, functional interactive model for whose implementation we used on revolving doors at a shopping centre. Each of thousands of people experiences the same feeling as they have during the visit of the Planetarium – they became a part of the Universe.

Client- Planetarium Prague
Agency- Euro RSCG Prague, Czech Republic
Country- Czech Republic

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

UPC Telemach-A Road To Warsaw

UPC Telemach, the general sponsoror of national basketball team, wanted to make people aware of their role on the forthoming European Championship. A web game was created especially for this occasion. The purpose of the game was to score as many three pointers as possible.

Saatchi & Saatchi, Slovenia's job was to prepare innovative campaign which would involve target group: Younger and active basketball fans.Award for the winner was the visit of European Championship in Warsaw, Poland.

For the same,Saatchi & Saatchi addressed the target group on the basketball courts where they changed basketsball boards into traffic signs and showed players another "direction" of getting to Warsaw. The result was that the game was still running after European Championship because of the enormous response.

Credits:- Client-UPC Telemach
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Slovenia
Country: Slovenia

Lenor Goes The Florist Way…

The challenge was to create awareness for Lenor flower - scented laundry softener. They replace the flower buckets of the Romanian florists with Lenor bottle-shaped buckets, emphasizing the flower fragrances of Lenor softener in a free of charge and powerful way. The flower buckets from most Romanian flower shops are neutral and kind of dull.

The simple action of replacing them, offered the brand free media space with great exposure, highlighting the product benefit in a fresh way. The idea came to life in the flower shops across Magheru Avenue, one of the Bucharest's most circulated street; between 15,000-20,000 pedestrians per day. On a non-spot-qualitative research, in terms of creativity and distinctiveness, on a scale from 1-5 (5 being the maximum), 85% of the respondents rated the idea above 4.

Client: Lenor Flower
Agency: Grey Bucharest, Romania.
Country: Romania

Monday, September 21, 2009

Engauge- Converting The US audience into Donatos Pizza Lovers

In order to embrace a brand is to give them the ability to touch it, taste it, see it, and experience it— in real time.
And in today's dramatically evolving marketplace, consumers expect more at their fingertips.
Engauge did exactly the same, as it custom-tailored the outdoor creative for its client – Donatos Pizza by coming up with – A) Newscaster & B) Steaming Pizza
Hats’ off to the team at Engauge for once again empower OOH Media.

Advertising Agency: Engauge, Columbus, USA
Creative Director: Adam Albrecht
Country: USA