Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tanzania's Beer & ING's Australia Get Life @ Outdoor

Encyclomedia Networks Pvt. Ltd; India's premier OOH Creative House, once again enlivens the OOH domain with their craft as they help their international Client's Serengeti Beer and ING Bank in Tanzania &Australia respectively. The campaigns got both the awareness and the footfalls from its TG.


Client:- Serengeti Beer in Tanzania; ING Bank in Australia

Agency: Encyclomedia Networks Pvt. Ltd;

Australia Red Cross Educates Public About The Laws Of War

As part of the Australian Red Cross’ mandate to promote and educate the Australian public about the laws of war, better known as International Humanitarian Law, an integrated campaign ‘Even Wars Have Laws’ from The Fuel Agency has been launched across Australia.Together with an online component ( where Australians can have their say, cities around Australia have been adorned with an ‘in your face’ ambient campaign, bringing the reality of these laws closer to home by encouraging people to learn more about International Humanitarian Law.

Client: Australian Red Cross
Advertising Agency: The Fuel Agency, Australia
Country: Australia

Dos en Uno's: Big Bubble

A 50 foot balloon, appearing to be a giant bubblegum, was created by Prolam Y&R Santiago to celebrate Dos en Uno's (Chile’s most popular bubble gum) 50th Anniversary. The balloon flew over various cities in Chile with a giant sized kid attached to it, giving onlookers the impression –as if, the child was blowing a bubble.

Client: Arcor Dos en Uno
Agency: Prolam Y&R, Santiago
Country: Chile

Help Them See What’s Happening…

With so many stories breaking around the world, nobody wants to miss a thing. What is in mind, Orbis asked their agency- DDB Hongkonk to remind the public that they can help blind people see what’s happening. For the same, they created a special bus stop installation featuring posters of some of the biggest stories over the last decade. However, the iconic visuals were formed entirely in Braille.
As a result this campaign was an intriguing reminder of how we can help blind people see what’s happening. The best result though was for the client Orbis- as public interest in considerably since the launch.

Client: Orbis
Agency: DDB Hongkong
Country: Hongkong

Indonesian Railways “Giant Cleaver”

Many accidents happened on train crossing gate in Indonesia. Cars, motorcycles, even people often cross the railways when the alarm is on and the gate is moving down. It is very dangerous! Instead of putting unusual notice board poster (that people never notice), they installed a giant cleaver shaped poster on the gate to remind people about the dangerous. The copy says, “Don’t be reckless, Stay safe.” People clearly receive a relevant message in an unexpected way and it grabs many attentions. The giant cleaver made drivers stop when the alarm is on as the gate moving down. It has been a breakthrough that Indonesian Railways ever did.

Client: Indonesian Railways
Agency: Euro RSCG Adwork, Indonesia.
Country: Indonesia

ADD Helps Athlete Reach Paralympics

"Help an athlete to go to the Paralympics. Make a donation". Action for ADD (Sporting Association for the Disabled) that took place in Cumbica International Airport, São Paulo, on January 17th and 18th, 2010. Life-size paper displays showing disabled athletes in wheelchairs were strategically placed on several luggage carts. When passengers used them to carry their bags, it looked as if they were actually pushing the wheelchair of a disabled athlete.

Client: ADD
Agency: age comunicacoes, Sao Paulo
Country: Sao Paulo