Saturday, February 20, 2010

The New Gullwing (Merc) is coming...

Mercedes-Benz asked us to get people excited about the release of the SLS AMG at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show. Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg needed to use traditional media in a new and unseen way.

Solution:Gorgeous styling, 571 horsepower, and a top speed of over 300 kph make the SLS AMG a supercar. But its gullwing doors make it an icon. So their agency created a simple announcement poster and placed it into glass-covered billboards, leaving the glass doors open, gullwing style. We worked with JCDecaux to modify the doors to open further. Result: The media truly became the message, and the launch of the SLS AMG became the talk of the town.


Client: Mercedes- Benz

Agency:Jung Von Matt/ Alster, Hamburg

Country: Germany

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nando’s Lamp-pole

The Espetada Rustica is a delicious meaty grilled boneless chicken from Nando’s. As part of the regional calendar for 2009, it was a major area of focus for Nando’s Oman with a lot of in-restaurant posters that came in from South Africa for adaptations in the local market. Since much of this was mostly inward communication, the agency used a delightful outdoor ambient approach to communicate the sensory ‘big sized feel’ of this exciting dish and drive in traffic.
It simply created a sizzling Espetada Rustica BBQ effect on a lamp post that was exactly in close proximity to the Nando’s outlet in Qurum, Oman-substituting the lamp pole as a natural skewer by adding large chunk of ‘meat’ around it.

Client: Nando
Agency: Asha, Oman
Country: Oman

Honda Acura ZDX: Airport art installation

Introducing the ZDX four-door coupe concept from the Acura design studio.Introducing next. Acura Adance.
Client: Honda
Agency:rp&, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Country: USA

Mortein “Rolled Newspaper”

To introduce the new Mortein All Insect Killer Aerosol Can in a memorable way. The artwork of the packaging as the front page solus ad in leading daily. The way a newspaper is delivered transformed their 2D ad into a 3D replica of the product – automatically. The day the ad was released, over 400,000 household got Mortein paper cans as a reminder of their favourite weapon against insects.
Client: Mortein
Agency: Euro RSCG Advertising Gurgaon, India.
Country: India

Smart: “Shoehorn”

In conjunction with the opening of the 2010 Canadian International Autoshow, smart Canada is educating urban dwellers regarding one of the many benefits of driving a smart fortwo. A head-turning marketing initiative in downtown Toronto has wedged a giant shoehorn behind a smart fortwo, visually illustrating that the less than 3 metre smart fortwo can park almost anywhere.

The display, parked in various high traffic downtown locations, also imparts the message: “Fits into tight places”, and prompts onlookers to visit “”

The idea aims to demonstrate that just like your favorite pair of shoes, the smart fortwo can comfortably fit into any lifestyle. The smart fortwo is the most fuel-efficient two-seater in Canada, and it boasts a spacious interior, a 5-star crash safety rating and great agility to dart through traffic while avoiding potholes and other urban hazards. This unique and larger-than-life display playfully conveys that the intelligently designed smart fortwo is the ultimate tool to conquer the city. The ambient initiative will continue throughout the duration of the 2010 Canadian International Autoshow.

Client: Smart
Agency: BBDO Toronto, Canada.
Country: Canada

Keskin “Rims Guerrilla”

Germans love their cars – even if they don’t treat them right. The global rim producer “Keskin Tuning” wants to represent his products in an impressive and realistic way to show what cars really want in a very humorous manner: stylish rims from Keskin. The paper rims where provided with discount coupons. Promotion’s kick-off was the grand opening of Loop5 shopping centre. As a Keskin store is right next to the shopping centre, customers could cash in the discount immediately. Furthermore the flyers are deployed at tuning fairs in 2010. During the campaign period Keskin stores in the promotion areas recognized a significant increase in new customers.

Client: Keskin
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X Frankfurt, Germany.
Country: Germany

Centraal Beheer “Just call us live accidents”

For their new “Just call us” campaign, they brought the slogan to the people. They built several LIVE accidents and placed these all around the country. Anyone could step into these accidents. And that generated thousands of unique photographs. At the “Just call us” LIVE website, people could download their own photo and vote for their favorite photos. The 80 photos that got the most votes were eventually used as outdoor posters. In this way, the Dutch people themselves determined what the new “Just call us” campaign looked like.

Client: Centraal Beheer
Agency: DDB Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Country: Netherland

Rav- Bariach " Your Door Is Your Face"

Israel’s leading door manufacturer Rav-Bariach came out with a campaign to launch their new line of designer’s doors. By identifying the front door of a house as the very face of the home, the aim was to create a status symbol out of the common front door. The medium selected for this campaign was the front door, the very place where the consumer comes into contact with the product on a daily basis.
In the late hours of the night, tens of thousands of hangers were distributed and hung on the doors of households across Israel. Through the use of humor and a targeted touch point, they managed to reach their consumer at the very place where there message really hit home.

The campaign transformed the new line of designer doors into an overnight success. Awareness and fondness of the product, as well as the number of calls and orders via the call centre, all rose significantly.
Client: Rav- Bariach
Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv, Israel.
Country: Israel

WWF Vote Earth! “Ice Poster”

Recently, world leaders meet in the Copenhagen Summit to discuss Climate Change. The WWF launched an initiative called Vote Earth!, an online ballot to put pressure on the world leaders and influence them into an agreement. Their objective was to mobilize people in Portugal for the vote.

They created a poster entirely made out of ice that was placed in a central spot of Lisbon. The poster alerted to the consequences of the ice-cap melting, making people feel the urgency of putting an end to environmental disasters. After being put in place, the poster started melting, stressing the message: Vote before it melts. Out of 50 countries in Europe, Portugal ranked 8th in number of votes.
Client: WWF
Agency: Ogilvy Lisbon, Portugal.
Country: Portugal