Sunday, June 20, 2010

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Post-it Super Sticky “Mailing”

Communicate the adhesive force of Post-it Super Sticky to Office Managers. They created a mailing that demonstrates how sticky Post-it Super Sticky are. They just wrote the address on a Super Sticky and put in on the envelope. Mailing and torture test at the same time! The best proof of the adhesive force of Post-it Super Sticky , was the mailings to arrive. 99% did. When called by their Sales managers, all of the Office managers responded positively to this original product demonstration. It really opened doors for further contacts and numerous product presentations.


Client: Post-it Super Sticky

Agency: Publicis Brussels, Belgium.

Country: Belgium

3M, Post-it @ Facebook: Don't Forget Your Friends, Pink

To celebrate the 30th Birthday of the Post-it note, we created a Facebook Game to remind people what's most important to us-Our friends. In an age were we are defined by the amount of Facebook friends and twitter followers we have we wanted to challenge people to prove how many of these friends they actually knew. Giant oversized Outdoor Post-it products drove people to the site.


Client: Facebook

Advertising Agency: Profero London, UK

Country: UK

Dark is Deadly: X Box, Alan Awake

Microsoft Canada is looking to scare gamers with a unique campaign created to support the launch of Alan Wake, the highly anticipated psychological action thriller game.


Client: Microsoft

Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto, Canada

Country: Canada

Panda Rescues Bluefin Tuna fish

The Challenge: To raise awareness of the population about the critical situation of the Bluefin Tuna and inform them that since January 1st 2010, Sushi Taxi has banned all Bluefin Tunas from its restaurants.

The solution: Because of the low interest of the population about the Bluefin Tuna problem, we decided to use the image of an animal that most of the people care about, the panda, and match it to the subject. With this action, we wanted to the audience know that:
"The Bluefin Tuna is threatened to disappear, if he was as cute as a panda, would you still eat it?"
On may 17th, 16 pandas went in the streets of Quebec city to defend the Bluefin Tuna to spread one message: No to Bluefin Tuna.

The results: Lots of medias (newspaper, website and radio) talked about the campaign and the message behind it. The campaign was a huge success and the population reacted very well to the presence of pandas in Qu├ębec city.


Client: Sushi Taxi Restaurant

Advertising Agency: Anecdote marketing, Quebec, Canada

Country: Canada

Skoda + Merlin Automobili “Have you ever been into a Skoda?”

They simulated the cockpit of a Skoda car using 2 heavy paper supports. The first one, they called it the “Dashboard”, was placed on the seats and simulated being it front of the steer, The second one, they called it the “gear shift”, was obtained with a die cutting and was placed into every seat cup-holder.

Both of them were design to fit the seats measures and peculiarities, for example the front of the dashboard was holed in order to show the underneath seat number. A team of 8 people, directed by the agency, worked along the day preparing the rooms before people got in, cleaning up and preparing the room again between 2 shows. The target demonstrated to be pretty curious about the action, a very brand new experience for this kind of audience, Supports were taken, observed, used for a little time before the shows began. More importantly, the target played with the dashboard and the gear shift: a rapport between brand and consumer was built.


Client: Skoda

Advertising Agency: Jiki, Rovigo and Milan, Italy

Country: Italy