Friday, September 18, 2009

FIAT 500 C "Tree Planters"

From August 5 to September 30, the cutely nostalgic Fiat 500 C, unveiled in February, appears on Milan’s world-famous fashion street, Montenapoleone, in an unexpected role. Exactly 20 fiberglass replicas, precisely the same size and shape as the little Fiat, have become planters for real trees of various shapes.
The happening, called “Per fare un albero” (Create a tree), is a cooperative effort between the City of Milan, Fiat, and artist-designer Fabio Novembre. In Novembre’s words, his solution to merge into one object trees and cars, two elements always vying for urban space, is a “symbol of a new way of living.”
According to Fiat’s spokespeople, Fiat 500 C’s cheerful, friendly, innovative and eco-friendly character is a perfect fit for such an undertaking. - Tuija Seipell.

Artist-Designer: Fabio Novembre, Italy
Country: Italy

Outdoor Category Strongest at Spikes Asia 09

The winners of Spikes Asia, the leading creative advertising competition for Asia, were revealed at last night’s Awards Ceremony which took place to a packed room in Singapore’s Victoria Concert Hall.

Of the 2685 entries competing at this year’s awards, the jury awarded a total of 258 Spikes Asia trophies across the 11 different categories.

The Outdoor category was the strongest with a total of 51 winners, followed by Digital with 36, there were 35 in TV/Cinema, 34 trophies were awarded in Print, 29 in the Direct and Sales Promotion category, 20 in Design, 16 Media awards, 12 Print Craft winners, 9 TV/Cinema Craft trophies awarded and 8 Radio winners. 8 Jade Spikes were given in the Integrated category.

The Outdoor Grand Prix was awarded to Dentsu, Tokyo, for Uniqlo’s Human Vending Machine World Tour.

The inaugural Media Agency of the Year trophy was awarded to OMD Hong Kong with JWT Singapore taking 2nd place and in 3rd, Dentsu Tokyo. The winners of the Young Creatives competition were also revealed during the ceremony with the team from Leo Burnett / Arc Worldwide Singapore picking up the Gold medal for their Integrated work for Mercy Relief.

The first Advertiser of the Year Award, presented to advertisers who have either distinguished themselves for inspiring innovative marketing of their products, who embrace and encourage the creative work produced by their agencies or who lead the way forward with new communication initiatives was presented to The Times of India Group in honour of their Lead India campaign, an initiative to seek out the next generation of leaders for India.

The winning work, which was judged in Singapore over the last week by 39 top international creatives and media experts from 18 countries

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

McDonald's Brew Coffee; Attracts Customers For Breakfast

As part of a national campaign promoting McDonald's restaurants, a downtown Vancouver lamppost became part of an out-of-home optical illusion, appearing to pour coffee into a giant cup on the sidewalk. At the time, McDonald's was giving away free small cups of its brew for a two-week period, in an effort to attract new breakfast customers. They developed the concept for a lamppost near 6th Avenue and Cambie Street. The post was wrapped in brown vinyl to resemble poured coffee, while an oversized carafe was attached to the end.

Client: McDonald's
Agency: Cossette Atlantic, USA.
Country: USA

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ministry Of Health – Brazil, Promotes The Usage Of Condom

This is an urban outdoor, placed in Brasilia, capital of Brazil, to promote condom’s use. The idea was to surprise people with funny and interactive sex thermometer: The Sexometer, the measuring is very simple. People just have to place their hands at a heat sensor; which will change colors according to the body temperature. At the bottom of the outdoor, there is an explanation for each color.
If the sensor doesn’t change color, it means your body is still just warm. If it turns blue, it means your body is heating up. Green mean that you are in the mood for sex and Red means you are on fire and ready to get going. Obviously, all messages led to the same conclusion:- USE A CONDOM.Nearly 13,000 condoms were given at the event that was organized by Ministry Of Health in Brazil.

Client: Ministry Of Health - Brazil
Agency: Master Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil

NSW Health: Get Tested, Play Safe

Faced with a significant increase in STI’s (sexually transmissible infections), particularly in young adults, the NSW Government has set out to raise awareness of the problem. The campaign theme – Sleeping with one is sleeping with many – brings the message to life and the tagline is a simple call to action: get tested, play safe.

Client: NSW health
Agency: George Patterson Y&R Sydney
Country: Australia

Inspired Since 2006

These milk crate men have been appearing on the streets of Melbourne since 2006. And, as I could not gather much info on the same, I thought of sharing the idea with you all.

Israel Discount Bank Switches To Global Warming

Israel Discount Bank, declared itself as becoming a "Green Bank", as a part of the process they were asked to create an internal campaign addressed to the employees. But, to differentiate itself from a "usual" campaign which in many cases is immediately forgotten once it gets off the air, the mission was to educate the employees to permanent environmental awareness which will last and eventually create a real difference in their consciousness beyond their work hours.

A simple sticker in the size of a light switch on its upper side is written the word: "ON", lower- "Off" and in the middle- "GLOBAL WARMING". You paste the sticker on the light switch and... that's about it! Within just one day, "Discount Bank" tower became a green tower. Every single employee is exposed daily to the strong connection between electricity consumption and global warming and can, with his small finger, contribute to the global effort.

Client: Israel Discount Bank
Agency: TBWA\YEHOSHUA, Israel.
Country: Israel

Monday, September 14, 2009

La Mega Promo flirts in OOH; Grabs The TG

Billboards in the form of a wrap of bills are shown in different streets of Chile... They move with the wind and attract the attention of the drivers and passerby. These billboards were made to promote/communicate the one-hundred million dollar award that will be given to the winner of Promo Bills of Santa Isabel Supermarkets.

Client: Santa Isabel Supermarket.
Agency: Unitas/RNL, Santiago, Chile
Country: Chile.