Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ford F-150 Surely Can Pull Brick-Blocks

Ambient billboard for the new ‘09 F-150’s greater towing capacity – shown inside Ford Field, home to the Detroit Lions got the passerby’s attention. Indeed, an idea to weight-upon.


Client:- Ford F-150

Agency: JWT Detroit, USA.

Country: USA

Västtrafik “Travelplanner”

The campaign’s goal was to make public transport easier to use for people how always commute by car. To achieve this Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg, Sweden focused on the web-based travel planner and developed a widget as well as made it work with cellphones and iPhones. They then took the travel planner direct to the streets. In addition to a traditional outdoor campaign they showcased the travel planner in real-time within an outdoor ad unit – right at the metro stop – allowing pedestrians to plan their journey on the spot. Around 3000 people used the travel planner during the two weeks it was displayed.


Client: Västtrafik

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg, Sweden.

Country: Sweden

Nissan X-Trail “Taxi”

Due the fact that the publicity budget has dropped, the media strategy concentrates on taking advantage of the sales points and on the cars sold there. That is, working with elements that have almost zero cost. In the product launching of the SUV Nissan X-Trail they tried to make tangible the strenght of the 4×4 for the potential buyers that have not lived the experience of a four-wheel drive (or all-terrain) vehicle, and much less an X-Trail.

Unitas/RNL Santiago, Chile needed to create a new media, and this was the Nissan X-Trail itself. Everybody takes cabs, and they are usually automobiles or minivans. The weekend when the customers saw many Nissan X-Trails painted as cabs, they were astonished. And even more impacted when they read that the destinations painted on their roof said: Aconcagua, Monte Delani, Chamonix, K2, Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro.

They followed immediately by the tagline-Nissan X-Trail available at Agustinas Automotive Car Sales. This X-Trail circulated along a perimeter near where the car sales points were. This idea augmented by 60% awareness of the X-Trail model, of the target and direct association to 4×4 power. With a minimum investment during the period of this activation on public roads the quotations grew 70% and the sales of this model grew 20%, and total sales grew in 37%.


Client: Nissan X-Trail

Agency: Unitas/RNL Santiago, Chile

Country: Chile “Washroom signage” is an online boutique for male cross dressers. The problem was that they have a lack of awareness and traffic to their website. They create a memorable guerilla piece that can be easily applied. Adhesive dresses containing the site’s URL that could easily be applied to public washroom symbols.



Agency: Spring Vancouver, Canada.

Country: Canada

T-Mobile “World’s longest love-letter”

The Task Inspire people to not only witness but also to actively take part in our 360-degree campaign “Rain of Flowers”. Address all those that may not easily be enchanted by classical marketing activities. The Challenge Find a topic that clearly is in line with their above-the-line campaign and has the power to attract as many people from their different target groups as possible.

Target Audience: Everyone.

They faced the challenge to put life into their claim “Life’s for sharing” and have done this by creating a mutual and exiting experience for their users. Another task – and challenge at the same time – was to address diverse target groups, even those who no longer respond to above-the-line campaigns.

Their solution:DDB Hamburg, Germany engaged themselves in social media and found a trigger to inspire the masses – “Join us in creating the world’s longest love-letter”. They inspired people to create the longest love-letter in the world on Germany’s highest building: Berlin’s television tower. Declarations of love were collected online on their corresponding microsite. Afterwards they were printed out and put up on the television tower. With a webcam – that was switched on 24h – they documented the complete installation on their website, so that not only people from Berlin got enchanted by their T-Mobilegreat idea!

An invitation to participate in the creation of the world’s longest love-letter at Germany’s highest building – Berlin’s television tower. Declarations of love were collected online on our corresponding microsite. Afterwards they were printed out and put up on the television tower – viewed 108.000.000 times.


Client:- T-Mobile

Agency: DDB Hamburg, Germany.

Country: Germany