Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nintendo Dsi- Brain Teaser

The challenge: Nintendo asked us to come up with an indoor promotion for Nintendo DSi Brain Teasers. The problem: in shopping malls prior to Christmas. And as we all know, they are a madhouse of noise and confusion at this time. So, how do we get anyone’s attention in there?

The idea: In every shopping mall there is a place where we can have people for our very own. A place that over 40% of shoppers visit at least once during their shop. A place that is just perfect for our promotion: the customer toilet. We transformed this place into one big brain teaser. And turned it into an experience space. Leaflets with a 10% discount offer on all Nintendo Brain Teasers encouraged shoppers to go straight to the retailer in the shopping mall.


Client: Nintendo

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&Mather, Frankfurt, Germany

Country: Germany

The territory Touareg, at the airport in Barcelona

Volkswagen introduced the new Touareg in its natural habitat, a terrarium located in an environment of maximum competition such as the Airport Terminal 1 Barcelona , in which between sand and desert plants, lives with ten snakes two feet in length each.

A ton of sand, mounting an all-night, 53 people involved between carpenters, cabinetmakers, creative designers, veterinarians and keepers, a glass terrarium 50 square meter , “250 meters” snake in total and the new Touareg.

The goal: create a wild area to present this exclusive 4 x 4 .


Client: Volkswagen

Agency: DDB Barcelona

Country: Spain

Honda Civic GX: Natural-Gas billboard

To catch the attention of 405 commuters in the Los Angeles area, Honda just unveiled a 3-D outdoor board to show off the Civic GX’s clean natural-gas power. Communicating Honda’s innovation and environmental awareness, the nearly free of emissions-free Civic GX is brought to life with lighted 3-D graphics to simulate clean-burning natural-gas flames.


Client: Honda

Advertising Agency: RPA, USA

Country: USA


Giant Ants Invade Houston