Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tuffy “For a clean Conscience”

Tuffy is a plastics company that makes 100% recycled refuse bags. To introduce this fact to the public, they developed communication that dramatises the emotional benefit of choosing a recycled bag over the alternative – you’ll feel good about yourself.

They then printed the artwork onto specially made oversized bags and used the bags themselves as the communication medium. They filled the bags and placed them at the epicentre of the V&A Waterfront, which attracts an average foot traffic of 60 274 visitors per day! To maximise the reach, they also hung the plastic bags around the area in a more traditional poster format.


Client: Tuffy

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town, South Africa.

Country: South Africa

Henkel Super Bonder: Bop Bags

Bop bags with images of fragile and expensive vases printed on them, were placed in high footfall areas, including major mall. Passer-by couldn't help but touch, hit and play with the bop bags, which demonstrated that whatever happens to your most precious ornaments, Super Bonder would have them up and in perfect condition in matter of seconds.


Client: Henkel

Agency: Ars DDB, Caracas, Venezuela

Country: Venezuela

Deracine Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Back Ground: Age wrinkles are an inevitable side of life that can start in every age. What we were asked to do was to communicate the effects of Deracine Anti-Wrinkle cream to the consumers. The key point was to make the consumers understand how easy is to fight their winkles. Our brief was towards preparing an inner pharmacy poster that would communicate this message to the consumers.

The Idea: Instead of just telling effects of the anti-wrinkle cream, we wanted the consumers to experience it first hand. For this a familiar material came to our mind – An Aluminium foil. We decided to incorporate the qualities of the material to demonstrate the effects of the product. So, the concept was implemented by creating an experience to the walkers-by. When they touched the poster – the cream on the women’s face printed on the foil turned the surface into flat surface.

Thanks to the nature of the material – our message came across in a simple and clear way i.e. getting rid of the wrinkles is easy!!!

Result: There was a 10% increase in the demand from the consumers’ end.


Client: Deracine Anti-Wrinkle

Agency: McCann Erickson, Istanbul

Country: Turkey

Or Yarok:- “Don’t Drink & Drive, Or You Shall End Up In An Accident

In Tel Aviv (Israel), Young and Rubicam have developed an impressive non-profit campaign against people driving when drunk. The idea was to make a huge bottle, built out of broken car frames. On the bottle it says “Don’t drink and Drive”. The campaign starts today and will run for 3 months. The giant bottle has been placed on one of the busiest roads where over 1 million people will pass by.

The details:
- 80 cars frames in the bottle
- 15 tons worth of metal
- 20 meters tall giant bottle


Client: Or Yarok

Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv


ZIEBART | Frying pan

The objective: To promote Ziebart window tints in a region like the UAE where the summer heat is intense.

The Concept: Percept Gulf, Dubai created special large –sized posters for this purpose. Posters with an image of a frying pan and a gas stove were placed in parking spots. So, when people parked in these spots and when they were pulling out, they really felt the heat inside. Just as if the car was frying over the pan or boiling over the stove.

The Target: Drivers in Dubai were targeted in open parking lots in different parts of the city, as it would perfectly simulate the in-car conditions we required.


Client: Ziebart

Agency: Percept Gulf, Dubai

Country: Dubai