Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pampers Cruisers “ Play On”

The all new Pampers Cruisers are 2x drier, 20% thinner and feature super-stretchy sides to keep her moving and playing effortlessly. For the official introduction of Cruisers, Pampers asked us to create an idea to spread the brand message “play on”.

To present Pampers Cruisers in an exceptional, playtime focused way and find mothers where they frequently are with their little ones, we chose regular baby-swings which can be found on most playgrounds as a perfect medium for playtime in motion. Outdoor swings were made for parks in Europe and indoor swings were used for a national PR launch event in NYC. They were covered with super-sized Cruisers, with the simple message: “play on“.


Client: Pampers

Agency: Saatchi Saatchi X, Saatchi Saatchi Germany/USA

House of Dlugosz- Map For Tourists

The Task: - Creating a functional map of Sandomierz that would convey the city’s historical character and make the tourists visit the House of Dlugosz more often.

The Solution: Generating the map of the city together with the figure of Jan Dlugosz (who founded the house in 15th century), as well as marking the actual building with the flag identical with the one visualized on the map.

The Effect: The city landmarks’ and treasures were shown and tourists’ traffic was directed to the house of Dlugosz

See the


Client: Sandomierz

Agency: MarketShare, Warsaw, Poland

Country: Poland

Be Born Again- Dr Kim's Lift Door

With the claim "Be born again", plastic surgeon Dr. Kim made a divine, yet exaggerated, ambient media using the "Creation of Adam" by Michaelangelo to communicate is office in that particular building.

Guide Dogs Australia- Support Scent

How do you show support for someone you can’t see??

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne has answered this question by turning traditional charity marketing on its head and creating fragrance.

When it came to developing an innovative way to generate support for the blind and vision impaired, the creative team considered it vital that the solution didn’t inadvertently exclude them. Anything that appealed to people’s sight, such as a ribbon or wristband, would only add to the problem. Instead they decided to create something that appealed to another sense entirely – smell.

“Most people don’t realize that one of the greatest struggles the blind and vision-impaired face as a result of their condition is incredible isolation,” said Clemenger BBDO Melbourne ECD Ant Keogh.

“Our client, Guide Dogs Australia, devote themselves tirelessly to ending this isolation. They provide a whole raft of services to the blind that go far beyond the public image of dogs”.

Thus the agency, created a unique fragrance called Support Scent, with the assistance of Kit Cosmetics (sister brand to Mecca Cosmetica), one of Australia’s leading cosmetics brands.

Even the packaging of the scent itself is inclusive of blind people – with the scent name also printed in Braille. The agency also created Braille letters, infused with the fragrance, to send out to the blind to ensure they could recognize the scent and who was supporting them.

As an actual beauty product, the scent has also broken through the traditional barriers of charity distribution, being sold nationwide at department and cosmetics stores, including Myer and Kit stores as well as online - with all proceeds going to Guide Dogs Australia.

Support Scent will be promoted via a national media campaign including television, cinema, press, radio and outdoor. An online community is already growing fast at, the home of the fragrance. At the website people cannot only buy the scent, but join and learn more about the project with mini-documentaries about the cause.

In fact Kit recognized the idea had so much potential - as not just a charity project but as a beauty product in its own right - that they’ve now created an entire Support Scent range - including scented body lotion, body wash and a candle.


Client: Guide Dogs Australia.

Advertising Agency: Clemenger, BBDO, Melbourne, Australia

Country: Australia

Audi Q7- All Terrain

The idea was to use the rotating panel billboard (introduced recently in Beirut) to show the command that the Q7 has on any type of road. The car was a sticker placed on a Plexiglass, and never actually moves and the movement is confined to the ground.


Client: Audi

Advertising Agency:Impact BBDO, Beirut, Lebanon

Country: Lebanon