Saturday, November 28, 2009

Max(imum) Impact- Leaves The TG Ogling…

The aim was to communicate the product superiority of Max Fresh and to emphasize the fact that it contains cooling crystals in abundance with set of an icy wave of coolness; adding to that the creative should have a sms feedback. Encylomedia Network did exactly the same, and got the eyeballs at the target- The Colgate Max Fresh.


Client: Colgate

Agency: Encyclomedia Networks Pvt. Ltd;

Country: India

Friday, November 27, 2009

Vodafone: Emoticons

Vodafone New Zealand wanted to highlight the issue of text bullying. They felt it was their corporate responsibility to make parents aware of the problem and offer support to those who are affected by it. Colenso BBDO, Auckland helped by creating this print campaign to appear in parenting magazines and posters for around schools.


Client: Vodafone

Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland

Country: New Zealand

Hachette: Evidence Bag

US Sydney transformed a retail ad panel into a piece of forensic evidence to launch Patricia Cornwell's latest grisly thriller.


Client: Hachette Publishing

Agency: US Sydney

Country: Australia

Coffee Heroes “Celebrate your heroes”

Bonanza Coffee Heroes is a gourmet coffee house in the trendiest area of Berlin. Their goal was to reach this alternative audience, known to reject mass media. Berlin is the Mecca of street art. And they are the Coffee Heroes. So they united the two, using stencils to “print” the faces of cool, alternative heroes, allowing the audience to drink their idols. Three days before the American elections, Barack Obama’s face was “printed” on hundreds of cups of coffee. A unique channel was established with a budget of only 60 Euro, as hundreds of customers spread the image via blogs and coffee related websites.


Client: Bonanza Coffee Heroes

Agency: Agency: TBWA\ Berlin, Germany

Country: Germany “Tomatoes”

Part of a campaign was to promote fast-breaking new at, a major New Zealand news website. It was one of a series of live ‘punishments’ meted out to real members of staff for being late with the news. Hamish was pelted with 150kilograms of over-ripe tomatoes in front of morning rush hour traffic.



Agency: Big Communications, New Zealand.

Country: New Zealand