Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Frito Lays- Grown Closer Then You Think!!!!

Beginning July 27 and continuing for three weeks, passersby in Chicago's Jackson Tunnel will be greeted with an out-of-home message, "Our potatoes are grown closer than you may think," along with an overhead installation of potatoes breaking through the ceiling tiles. It’s part of a nationwide campaign for Lay's potato chips that broke in May and which celebrates the local potato farmers who grow potatoes used in Lay's potato chips. The "Lay’s Local"360 marketing campaign was created by Lay's U.S. agency of record, Juniper Park. Other elements of the campaign, which debuted earlier, include TV, print, online, on-pack and in-store.

Client: Frito Lays

Agency: Juniper Park, Toronto.

Executive Creative Director- Alan Madill

Random House- Keeps you on the edge!

Maximum Ride is a series about a group of children who can fly. To launch the latest book,COLENSO BBDO Auckland created a large ground decal that showed Aucklanders what it was like to stand on the edge of a building and jump.


Client- Random House

Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland

Executive Creative Director- Nick Worthington

Blink-Walking- Makes Idea a great eye catch!!!

Idea Cellular Services is taking its ‘Walk when you talk’ campaign the out-of-home way. Conceptualised by 141 Wall Street (a division of Bates 141), the Idea ‘Walk when you talk’ consists of multiple LED figures of people standing in a line. The figures are holding phones to their ears. A sequential lighting system has been used, where two people are lit simultaneously. The lights keep moving down the line, one after the other, such that it seems like the two people are walking across the creative.

Client: Idea Cellular Service
Agency: 141 Wall Street

Yellow Pages- Darting Activity

The Canadian city was recently targeted by large yellow darts at various spots such as - Restaurants, Music Stores and Florist vans, as yellow pages wanted to announce the launch of its websit "" which portrays its geolocation on the internet!. Indeed a great way to announce the arrival.

Levis Unbuttons the Wall Murals

XXL artwork affixed to the facades were created from 501 jeans around areas of Shoreditch and Bricklane in London by Jack Liberties (French Agency).

A wave reproduction of the famous Japanese print and a butterfly Tsunami struck the minds of passersby, giving brand its recall.

Energizer Batteries- Lightning up the billboard

As Cairo is one of the most populous cities in Egypt, the traffic is always busy, which makes outdoor advertising a vital advertising medium. To stand out from the clutter of the adjacent billboards Strategies, Cairo (Agency) simply modeled two AA Energizer batteries and placed them on the R.H.S (Right Hand Side) of the billboard- that looked like a battery holder, there by leaving the L.H.S (Left Hand Side) of the billboard empty, so that during the night time, when the billboard lights up- it looks as if its lit up by Energizer Batteries.

The entire activity not only facinated the on-lookers but also created a positive chain of word-of-mouth publicity.

Super Attak Flex Gel- Fixes Just About Anything

Henkel launches a new Super Attak Flex Gel- an innovative formula that unites the power of classic super attak to elasticity, resistance to atmospheric agents and greater density. The new product thus allows one to glue flexible materials, to use it outside and apply it at any position whatsoever without dribbling.

To underline the plusses of any new glue, stickers shaped like a tube of Super Attak Flex gel was applied on the ceiling and walls in different railway stations- showcasing the support it gives to structures of clocks, arrival and departure boards, information boards. There by, highlighting the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Toyota Prius: Eco friendly work stations

18-foot flower sculptures including solar panels, free Wi-Fi access, seating and charging stations were implanted outside the Toyota building in USA by Saatchi & Saatchi USA;thereby promoting eco-friendly way of working and saving electricity. Indeed a way to go ahead!!!

Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles, USA
ACD/Art Director: Kelly Kliebe
Art Director: Nick Luckett