Monday, December 21, 2009

Norwegian Air Shuttle “Temperature Board”

In the coldest part of the winter they wanted to remind the Norwegian people that they can easy get to warmer places with Norwegian Air Shuttle. They installed electronic thermometers in boards showing live temperatures, and at the same time informed how cheap it is to escape these conditions by taking a trip with Norwegian.

Client: Norwegian
Agency: Kitchen Leo Burnett Oslo, Norway.
Country: Norway

ESPN Street-Level Interactive Game

ESPN was seeking a groundbreaking interactive game that would promote the season premier of “Monday Night Football”. To present ESPN with this one-of-a-kind digital experience, Monster Media, global leader in storefront body responsive advertising, teamed up with Wieden & Kennedy and MacDonald Media and developed a game where everyone could really “get in the zone”.

Through the fusion of three high-tech features, including: projected capacitive touch, gesture based natural UI and real-time dynamic data, the interactive street level game immersed users in an OOH experience that never seen before. The quarterback selection capability was paired with real-time updates that showed a countdown to the next game.

ESPN’s unique Monster Storefront campaign increased viewer awareness of the 40th season premiere and contributed to “Monday Night Football” receiving the largest audience in the history of cable television and the highest rating in ESPN’s 30-year history. This proves that this game-play display was a positive experience for both ESPN and Monster Media.

Client: ESPN
Agency: Monster Media, Wieden & Kennedy and MacDonald Media, USA.
Country: USA

Elmex “Dude, where are the holes”

Elmex wanted to promote their anti-cavities toothpaste, under the tagline “Helps prevent cavities” and asked them to find a surprising way to expose it. They collaborated with Israel’s largest bowling chain with branches in all major cities in the country. 140 bowling balls with no holes were randomly mixed with the regular balls on all the bowling lanes. 3 round stickers designed to look like the holes on the bowling ball were placed where the holes should have been. The stickers carried the message “Elmex – Helps prevent cavities”. The campaign was launched on December 2009 (peak holiday season in Israel) and is still running.

Client: Elmex
Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel.
Country: Israel

Hépar “Bins”

Hépar is a water ‘brand’ with high magnesium content that improves intestinal transit. In addition to the TV campaign targeting senior consumers, create a specific action to engage a younger urban audience. They creating and use a new media unavoidable in every city: bins. The action was a key component of a campaign that boosted the sales by 34% in three weeks from 1.4 to 2 million liters a week.


Client: Hepar
Agency: Marcel Paris, France.
Country: France

Heart 104.9FM “CD Billboard”

This billboard was created for Hearth 104.9FM at the Waterfont Clock Tower in Cape Town. The public was asked to bring in their old (and even new) CDs to create the largest CD billboard ever made. With Hearth 104.9FM, there’s no need for CDs in Cape Town.

The back, silver-side of each CD was used to spell out and reflect “104.9FM”, while the front, non-reflective side made up the rest of the billboard. Participants were able to pick a number, have their CD placed on that number on the billboard and stand a chance to win a variety of instant prizes and vouchers. The billboard is 12 x 3 meters and was transported to a high-traffic area in Cape Town. It took 1.930 CDs to make this musical billboard.

Client: Hearth 104.9FM
Agency: Lowe Bull Cape Town, South Africa
Country: South Africa

3 Italia Internet Mobile “Speeding ticket”

Fine for speeding to placed on the windshields of parked cars… This idea was used for key 3 Internet to convey to its TG that surfing at 3 gives you speeds of several Mb/s beyond the usual speed.

Client: 3 Mobile
Agency: Guerilla Mktg, Barletta, Italy.
Country: Italy

Cesviamo Stop Aids “The Condom Mob”

Cesviamo ( is an Italian social network created by Cesvi, a non-profit cooperation and development organization of social utility. The basic idea of the network is very simple: you can make a bet involving all your friends in order to raise money for social issues. In this case, they had 3 goals: to increase the awareness of the website, to explain how the social network works turning fundraising into “fundraising”, and to make people – and above all students – more conscious about AIDS, an actual and vivid issue.

So they launched the biggest bet ever: the “Condom Mob” – 100 young people in a condom against AIDS! The word of mouth has grown up trough the main social networks (face book, twitter, friend feed) and the event took place inside two Italian universities: the first one in Milan, well known for communication studies, and the other one in Genoa, specialized in medical studies.

The result was beyond their expectations! In the first case they managed to reach 223 people entering the condom, while in the second case the person involved was 230! The media coverage of the campaign was and still it is being impressive (TV, radio, magazines, social networks and hundreds of website and blogs).

In the end the bet was won, and Cesvi saved the life of a child in Africa preventing him from AIDS (in detail, Cesvi supplied a complete therapy that reduces nearly 100% the risk of aids transmission from a HIV positive mother to her child).

Client: (
Agency: Now Available Milan, Italy.
Country:- Italy