Saturday, December 12, 2009

Absolut: The World’s Largest Photo Exhibition

In the 3rd quarter of 2009, Absolut Vodka wanted to launch their limited edition Rock Bottle as part of their IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD campaign idea.

Absolut got in touch with legendary photographer Danny Clinch, whose vision, "IN AN ABSOLUTE WORLD You're with the band", came to life in an upclose and personal documentation of the rock band Wolfmother. In order to make it an even more intense experience for our audience, we selected some of Danny's best pictures and created a gigantic (up to 240sqm) traveling photo exhibition that toured through cities like Munich, Cologne and Hamburg via the website we provided a downloadable audio guide and a printable map to tour the local sites.


Client: Absolut Vodka

Agency: TBWA, Germany

Country: Germany

Morgan Crossing: Escape from Boringville

Problem: Like the rest of the world economy, Metro Vancouver area’s real estate market was experiencing tough times due to the recession of 2008. Investors had disappeared from the market and buyers were cautious to purchase. Many real estate projects during this period began entering into a strategy of massive discounting and incentive offers to entice purchases. At this point, it was a game of who could give the best deal. Morgan Crossing, however, did not want to drop its prices but still position itself competitive in the market.

Solution: Morgan Crossing was positioned using its differentiating factor that no other real estate development could offer: an intimate village lifestyle. Morgan Crossing is the first lifestyle centre with residential and commercial units in Western Canada. We drew on this aspect to build an argument that one could either lead a dull and boring life in the suburbs (or at any other condo development far from shops, restaurants, and services) OR live at Morgan Crossing, a place with vibrancy, community, and charm all with-in a village walk.

Function: The beige campaign was developed. The beige campaign is best exemplified by a married couple spray-painted completely in beige from head to hair to toe. They stand in-front of their suburban home with extremely bored expressions on their face. Headlines accompanying the hero shot read expressions of just how boring life in the suburbs is, such as, “There’s a ton of stuff to do, if you have a full tank of gas”.

The idea behind the campaign was to create a stark contrast between life in suburbia which was termed “Boringville” for the campaign and Morgan Crossing, a vibrant walk-able village community.

This concept was applied to online banners where the beige couple were shown and users were asked to help them escape “Boringville”. They then used their mouse cursor to paint over them revealing Morgan Crossing. A second online banner asked users to spot the difference between two suburban homes. Multiple tries will reveal that there is no difference between homes - the concept, life in suburbia is boring.

Classified Ads were also done in which people were selling things they no longer needed because they were leaving “Boringville”, such as the person who was selling her rare rock collection.

An art installation was also setup outside the Morgan Crossing sales centre consisting of a mini-van and mannequins painted beige. The art installation depicted 5 mannequins running away from their beige mini-van and scaling a large sign that read, "Morgan Crossing: Where to Live" - essentially they are trying to get into "Boringville".

An online video was also created and placed on the Morgan Crossing website contrasting "Boringville" and Morgan Crossing.


Client: Morgan Crossing

Advertising Agency: Spring Advertising, Vancouver, Canada

Country: Canada

McDonald's: Pie

Hot Yacht Pie!!! Not one of the 6 items on our new $3-or-less Value Picks menu.


Client: McDonald’s

Agency: DDB Auckland, New Zealand

Country: New Zealand

Ajax “The Ajax Glass effect”

In order to show the benefits of the product in a creative manner, in order to attract attention on the special product placement in the supermarkets. Making the Ajax Glass effect clear for everybody they used the entrance doors in the supermarkets, modified to look like they’re dusty. When the doors were closed you could not see anything, just a blurred image. When the doors opened two big squeegee “cleaned” the window, leaving a crystal clear view of the supermarket interior.


Client: Ajax

Agency: Tempo Advertising Bucharest, Romania.

Country: Romania

Greenpeace “The Puddles”

In China drinking unsafe water is common, especially in poorer and remote villages. There are about 300 million people with no access to clean drinking water and hence their lives are severely threatened. City folks could hardly relate to the situation. So Greenpeace urgently needs to raise awareness of this pressing issue among both local Chinese in big cities and foreign visitors.

So, target the city stickers with the message: Imagine if you had to drink contaminated water like your fellow citizens in the remote and poorer areas. Floor stickers – designed to resemble puddles of water – are placed in Beijing’s commercial and tourist districts. When pedestrians pass by and look down, they see the reflection of a poor child scooping from the poodle of dirty water and drinking it.

The copy reads: “Every 17 minutes, a child in China dies from drinking polluted water”. During the campaign period, these floor stickers caught the attention of scores of pedestrians. They stopped to read the message and took note of the website address. There was a 20% increase in the number of hits on the Greenpeace website during the same period. Many curious passer-bys also took pictures of the “puddles” stickers.


Client: Green Peace

Agency: Grey Beijing, China.

Country: China

SPCA “Signs”

To encourage more people to adopt dogs from the SPCA, by making them realize that something was missing from their homes. That something was the faithful presence of a canine guardian. Signage’s resembling the ubiquitous “BEWARE OF DOG” warning plaques were placed at the gates of houses – with the copy warning viewers to “BEWARE OF BROOM”, “BEWARE OF ROLLING PIN” and “BEWARE OF SANDAL”.

This was based on the common act of threatening intruders with the nearest available object in the absence of a better form of defense. The payoff states that “Nothing protect your home like a dog” followed by a call-to-action to adopt one from the SPCA.

Within approximately a month of distribution, the SPCA shelter received a total of 625 calls – a 62% response rate. Out of the 626 enquiries, 255 respondents visited the shelter. During the campaign period 78 puppies and dogs were adopted compared to the average of 18: more than a 330% increase in adoption. The website received 1235 unique visits during the same period, with an overall increase above 100%.


Client: SCPA

Agency: Grey Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Country: Malaysia

Ambi Pur “The First Supersize Pop-Up”

To grab attention for the new Ambi Pur “Pink Flower” Room Spray and its amazingly fresh fragrance. An ad smells of nothing. So, they addressed the eyes rather than the nose and created the first ad that makes a scent visible- 'The supersize pop-up'.

These pop-ups were installed behind doors in (smelly) public spaces where they sprayed their new fragrance before. When someone opened and closed the door, flowery freshness instantly popped out. People were confronted with Ambi Pur directly at the POS (Point of Smelliness). Their pop-ups were set up on 6 smelly places in 4 different cities. The response has been extremely positive. Rarely before have people so openly talked about smelliness. For personal reasons, they avoid any statistical investigations on the toilets.


Client: Ambi Pur

Agency: Jung von Matt Stuttgart, Germany.

Country: Germany

Gillette “Bloody Tissue”

Outdoor ads in high-traffic Manhattan neighborhoods were tagged with bloody tissue stickers – making it appear that men in the ads had nicked themselves shaving. Gillette received permission from each marketer – in some cases defraying the media costs.


Client: Gillette

Agency: BBDO New York, USA.

Country: USA

HSBC Beirut “Save Energy”

In accordance with HSBC new eco-friendly policy, the carbon neutrality plan, HSBC Beirut wanted to show its commitment to the environment. In Lebanon the majority of people are not fully aware of the gravity of the global situation. What if HSBC showed its commitment by creating energy saving ads? Energy-saving ads were set up in the key locations across Beirut, equipped with a light sensor the ad is only visible when a person walks by it.


Client: HSBC

Agency: JWT Beirut Lebanon.

Country: Lebanon

Fish Parade Restaurant “Fish Hook Toothpick”

To encourage lovers of fresh seafood to visit 'Fish Parade', the new restaurant that opened on Rolla Street in Dubai. This was a low cost promotion that targeted lovers of fresh seafood at the very source – the fish market. This unique “Fish Hook Toothpick” symbolized both a bait and the culmination of an enjoyable meal.

To target lovers of fresh seafood, they tied-up with shops selling fresh seafood in the fish market. Whenever customers made a purchase in these shops, along with the catch, they got a unique sachet. On the sachet was printed the message “Good to the last bite” and the Fish Parade logo.

On opening the sachet, they discovered a “Fish Hook Toothpick”. On the reverse of the sachet was a telephone number to make reservations at the Fish Parade Restaurant. This promotion resulted in an increase in table booking over the next month by 13% Takeaways also increased by 21%.


Client: Fish Parade

Agency: The Classic Partnership Advertising Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Country: UAE

Wataniya Telecom “Crashed Mobile”

There are more than 10,000 car accidents reported in Kuwait every month. And this is in a country with a small population of 3.2 million. A major reason for most accidents has been driver negligence, usually because someone was busy fiddling with their mobile phones when they should have been paying attention to the road.

Wataniya Telecom also know as The Red Carpet Company, the second largest operator in Kuwait wanted to reach out to everyone behind the wheel, encouraging them to use their head set (hand free device) while driving. Considering the large number of fatal accidents in Kuwait, it is not unusual to see a completely wrecked car by the side of the road almost every day.

The authorities usually leave these cars there for a while, to dissuade people from rash driving. They decided to use this mnemonic to create a big bang, with a big banged up mobile phone that looks like a car as well. The mobile phone was placed to look like it had banged into the billboard that carried the message. And in parking lots it was placed next to abandoned vehicles, to create a very strong story. The campaign was the talk of the town as blogs and leading newspapers championed the cause. The government passed a law around the same time, making head sets mandatory while driving.


Client: Wataniya Telecom

Agency: Impact BBDO Group Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Country: Kuwait