Friday, March 5, 2010

Rako Condoms:- No Drip Pleasure

The brief was to create awareness for using Rako condoms by reaching active young people at the places they are most likely to visit when starting and finishing party nights.

For the same, Insomnia Advertising Agency, Hungary came up with a concept of restaurants as Many people in Hungary visit fast-food restaurants where they often eat kebab packed in the well-known foil which protects clothes from having unwanted sauce-drops on them. So this foil secures protection for everyone to enjoy the pleasure of eating a kebab. And it is a coincidence that Rako condoms have the same function: securing safe sex for people - with no dripping

As far as the implementation goes, Insomnia Advertising took advantage of this similarity in the communication of Rako condoms and we used this unconventional channel of ambient communication. With this the access of concerned young target group is guaranteed just because almost each of them have taken delight in enjoying the pleasures of eating a kebab.

Client: Rako Condoms
Agency: Insomnia Advertising Agency, Hungary

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