Friday, March 5, 2010

Pal FM Song Request Hotline “Napkin”

To create awareness for the “Song Request Hotline” of PalFM, one of the biggest radio channels in Turkey. ÇÖZÜM Instanbul, Turkey. came up with an old and famous tradition in Turkish people’s entertainment culture. If you are at a place where there’s live music and you want to request a song, you write the name of the song on a piece of napkin and send it to the artist and your requested song is played by the artist.

They based this tradition at the center of their idea and designed the collateral materials in the form of a napkin. The message on the napkins look like they are handwritten in pen. They distributed these napkins in cafes, restaurants and bars where our target is present.

Client: Pal FM
Agency: ÇÖZÜM Instanbul, Turkey.
Country: Turkey

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