Sunday, May 9, 2010

Plastic Pollution Coalition: Plastic is Forever, Statues caught in stunt

The guerrilla stunt protests againts the impact of single-use plastic on marine and wildlife. Giant plastic six-pack rings were placed on iconic Vancouver sculptures, gaining the attention of commuters and tourists.


Client: Plastic Pollution Coalition

Agency: Rethink, Canada

Country: Canada

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  1. I do think this works, but really the wrong city for getting the message out - Vancouver as a city is mostly clean. As for the wildlife protection programs have very few equals, beaches I know for one thing are cleaned daily, the BC government is huge on clean environment. Now no country, city is perfect by all means and I'm sure there are areas in the Province that are weaker than others. The Pacific flow has a lot to do with pollution washing up on the West coast of Canada, which of course comes from other parts unknown. To end that end I say picking Vancouver may act as gr8 attention getter, because of the contrast.