Friday, November 6, 2009

Red Bull Soap Box Race 2009 @ Jerusalem

The Brief: Towards the Red Bull Soapbox Race, Red Bull’s non-motorized vehicle race that was held in Jerusalem, we were asked to notify the people in the area about the event using very low budget and in the Red Bull humoristic spirit of course.

The Solution: Because the event is a non-motorized vehicle race, that emphasizes the creativity of the vehicles, we decided to go for a guerilla campaign that will bring attention to the fact that the audience is going to see creative cars and not conventional ones. For that reason, we attached real tires to different structures, benches, boards… objects that aren’t really supposed to move, and that’s how we put across the race’s main idea. This activity took place in Jerusalem and its surrounding area.

Client: Red Bull Soap Box Race
Agency: Avraham, Israel
Country: Israel

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