Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wilkinson – The Human Tennis Ball@ Roland Garros 09

The challenge was to create awareness for Wilkinson’s website called in Belgium. This website encourages people to shave in extreme ways. Part of the challenge was that there was only a budget of 10.000 Euros (14.000 US Dollars). A man was found who was willing to shave his hair and beard in the shape of a tennis ball. He was giving tickets to all important tennis matches at the Grand Slam of Roland Garros in France.

A t-shirt with the name of the DARE website was given to him, which he was wearing at all times. All major Belgian newspapers reported about this during the last week of Roland Garros. International television stations such as Eurosport and ESPN covered the story. The free publicity that Wilkinson got for this campaign was enormous.

Client: Wilkinson
Agency: Mortierbrigade Brussels, Belgium.
Country: France

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