Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ratatouille’s Launch On HBO Goes By The Hole

HBO wanted to take advantage of Ratatouille’s launch on HBO to attract new subscribers. This action generated empathy for its simple genius and brought a lot of attention to the cable company at a minimum cost. In order to tempt non subscribers with the opening of the animated movie Ratatouille, JWT/Corporation Montevideo, Uruguay slid under the doors of subscribers’ houses simple printed pieces of cardboard shaped like stereotypical mouse holes. The expected response rate for this marketing action was between 5% and 10%. They distributed 3,000 rat holes, achieving a response rate of 36% of these households who decided to contact Cable Plus.
In total, they gained 843 new subscribers, which represented more than 28% of the total contacted. They exceeded their expectations twice for this simple action. This was a very cheep action to implement having a cost per contact of 25 cents. This was very profitable since each new subscriber must pay a monthly fee of 31 dollars and contracts are at least a year long.

Client: - HBO
Agency: JWT/Corporation Montevideo, Uruguay.
Country: Uruguay

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