Friday, November 6, 2009

Nestle Doncow – Let Us Be Parents Who Listen More….

The Challenge: - Recently exclusive schools and courses are becoming more and more popular in Indonesia’s big cities and some promise to help kids master skills way beyond what their age can manage. Hence, parents have set high expectations for their children and listened more to course offerings rather then their children.

The Strategy: - Starting on the National Children’s Day 2009, Nestle Dancow invited parents to listen more to children using the technology of interactive touch-screens. Nestle Dancow touch screens were situated in prestigious malls in Jakarta, where parents and children usually go to on weekend.

The Result: During that period, Nestle Dancow touch-screens succeeded in touching the hearts of the parents and made them realize the importance of listening and involving their children in the decision making process.

A preview of how the touch screen in the pic works

When you put your hand on the screen, a little girl will come to you and place her hand against yours. But when you take your hand off the screen, she will turn back and continue her piano lesson; And,if you put your hand a little longer, she will share a very important message to you.

Client: Nestle
Agency: Publicis
Country: Indonesia

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