Monday, August 3, 2009

CASE STUDY : Adidas: The Huddle @ Zurich Metro Station

The Aim:
UEFA EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland ranks alongside the Olympic Games as the largest sporting event in the world in 2008, and thus adidas wanted to be the number 1 football brand, sending their “Impossible is nothing” message far beyond the borders of the two countries.

The Strategy:
Don‘t merely show pictures of famous football players. Bring the footballers closer to the fans and the fans closer to them. Let each fan feel like a fly on the wall, as the tension reaches a crescendo, just seconds before the beginning of the match.

The Execution:
They created a 17 m high, 33 m wide, 3 dimensional 11 man huddle featuring the best players of the tournament in Switzerland‘s most frequented location- The Zurich main train station.

A 14 ton place of pilgrimage that was 10 times larger than the wax figures on display at Madame Tussaud‘s in London, Hollywood or Berlin was used to create the huddle. During the European Championships, the Huddle evolved into a landmark where fans of all nations took millions of pictures and films and celebrated their passion for the game.

The Coverage from Web and Print Media: Major news titles such as BBC, Financial Times, Die Welt, Gazetta dello Sport, Le Parisien and NRC Handelsblad featured it on their front pages or online editions. It was discussed on hundreds of websites and advertising journals throughout the world, thereby honoring the Huddle, as well as user-generated short films inspired by it.

The Result:
The Swiss Railway authority reported an estimated audience of over 13 million people - over the course of three weeks. The Impossible Huddle was launched live on N24, a European news network, and was on major stations throughout the continent within hours.

And one week before the final, the press declared adidas the winning sports brand of the UEFA EURO 2008. Recognized by 30 % of the audience, as compared with 12 % for competitors, they reported an increase of 50 % in the football apparel sales, earning them an estimated 15 % added market share.

Agency: TBWA\ Berlin, Germany.
Country: Switzerland

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