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CASE STUDY : FIAT 500’s UK launch on the London eye aka ‘Millennium Wheel’

Dated: January 21, 2008

The Problem:
In the UK Fiat had struggled to capture the market share in the small size cars. The launch of the Grande Punto in 2006 started to reverse the brand’s fortunes but the media and public remained unconvinced.

The objective:
Was to launch the iconic Fiat 500, capturing the imagination of the public and media and reinforcing the launch messaging of “Everyday Masterpiece”.

The strategy:
With the brand floundering at the foot of the market share tables, the launch of the iconic Fiat 500 was seen as crucial to the future of Fiat UK. The event had to take place at a venue that could showcase the car at its best-a place that shared the car’s iconic design and engineering excellence. Most importantly, it had to be held somewhere that would attract the media and be seen by everyone.

The venue:
In this most outrageous of publicity stunts, Fiat UK launched its all-new 500 subcompact car in a capsule on the London Eye aka ‘Millennium Wheel’. Measuring at just 3,546mm in length with a wheelbase of 2,300mm, the 1,414mm track provided a squat look which also gave a hint about its nimble handling.

The Result:
On launch night, a spectacular party was thrown, where in 500 VIPs, 100 members of the media and 1,500 competition winners were invited to witness the unveiling that took place at 500 hours into 2008. In addition, they screened the event live into 170 Fiat dealerships nationwide. Virgin Radio hosted the evening with ‘Mika and The Feeling’ providing the entertainment. At 8pm the car was revealed in a capsule at the top of the ‘London Eye’ and remained in there for two weeks. The results of the launch were truly spectacular as the event achieved £580,493 worth of media exposure and 8,500 orders taken within one month of launch.

The Comments from the Officials in UK:
FIAT UK Marketing Director, Elena Bernardelli, said,"It will be a great event, and we at FIAT are committed to making the country smile for the night."
London Eye Head of Sales and Marketing, Helen Bull, said, "After celebrating 2008 with a phenomenal firework display, what better way to continue the party than with a fantastic event only 500 hours into the New Year, with 2008's Car of the Year."

About the car :
The Fiat 500 is a remake of an original model that was produced between 1957 and 1975 and boasts a cute yet purposeful bubble-shaped body with the wheel-at-each-corner stance giving the car some much added character.

Source: FIAT UK

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