Saturday, December 12, 2009

SPCA “Signs”

To encourage more people to adopt dogs from the SPCA, by making them realize that something was missing from their homes. That something was the faithful presence of a canine guardian. Signage’s resembling the ubiquitous “BEWARE OF DOG” warning plaques were placed at the gates of houses – with the copy warning viewers to “BEWARE OF BROOM”, “BEWARE OF ROLLING PIN” and “BEWARE OF SANDAL”.

This was based on the common act of threatening intruders with the nearest available object in the absence of a better form of defense. The payoff states that “Nothing protect your home like a dog” followed by a call-to-action to adopt one from the SPCA.

Within approximately a month of distribution, the SPCA shelter received a total of 625 calls – a 62% response rate. Out of the 626 enquiries, 255 respondents visited the shelter. During the campaign period 78 puppies and dogs were adopted compared to the average of 18: more than a 330% increase in adoption. The website received 1235 unique visits during the same period, with an overall increase above 100%.


Client: SCPA

Agency: Grey Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Country: Malaysia

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