Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wataniya Telecom “Crashed Mobile”

There are more than 10,000 car accidents reported in Kuwait every month. And this is in a country with a small population of 3.2 million. A major reason for most accidents has been driver negligence, usually because someone was busy fiddling with their mobile phones when they should have been paying attention to the road.

Wataniya Telecom also know as The Red Carpet Company, the second largest operator in Kuwait wanted to reach out to everyone behind the wheel, encouraging them to use their head set (hand free device) while driving. Considering the large number of fatal accidents in Kuwait, it is not unusual to see a completely wrecked car by the side of the road almost every day.

The authorities usually leave these cars there for a while, to dissuade people from rash driving. They decided to use this mnemonic to create a big bang, with a big banged up mobile phone that looks like a car as well. The mobile phone was placed to look like it had banged into the billboard that carried the message. And in parking lots it was placed next to abandoned vehicles, to create a very strong story. The campaign was the talk of the town as blogs and leading newspapers championed the cause. The government passed a law around the same time, making head sets mandatory while driving.


Client: Wataniya Telecom

Agency: Impact BBDO Group Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Country: Kuwait

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