Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fish Parade Restaurant “Fish Hook Toothpick”

To encourage lovers of fresh seafood to visit 'Fish Parade', the new restaurant that opened on Rolla Street in Dubai. This was a low cost promotion that targeted lovers of fresh seafood at the very source – the fish market. This unique “Fish Hook Toothpick” symbolized both a bait and the culmination of an enjoyable meal.

To target lovers of fresh seafood, they tied-up with shops selling fresh seafood in the fish market. Whenever customers made a purchase in these shops, along with the catch, they got a unique sachet. On the sachet was printed the message “Good to the last bite” and the Fish Parade logo.

On opening the sachet, they discovered a “Fish Hook Toothpick”. On the reverse of the sachet was a telephone number to make reservations at the Fish Parade Restaurant. This promotion resulted in an increase in table booking over the next month by 13% Takeaways also increased by 21%.


Client: Fish Parade

Agency: The Classic Partnership Advertising Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Country: UAE

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