Monday, November 30, 2009

Scandinavian Online “Questions” Goes The Ambient Way…

The Norwegian info- and entertainment portal SOL, wanted to promote their new question/answer-based web service, the Norwegian equivalent of Yahoo answers. The challenge was to obtain 100,000 unique visitors a week after a period of 4-months. This needed to be achieved with a limited budget of €140K (including; strategy, creative, production, ambient and media).

The original idea was to place relevant and surprising questions on niche websites – and more than 2000 unique banners were made. An obvious choice as this is a web based service. However, to make the site more relevant and important to people, they wanted the campaign to engage them other places than online and other places than you would usually find advertising.

To promote the site they created the largest ambient campaign in Norway ever with 15 different ambient executions, creating more than 5.500 touch points with consumers in the 4 main cities in Norway during a two week period.

The innovative approach to the ambient stunts immediately resulted in a lot of buzz. They were discussed on various blogs and forums in Norway and abroad, and several articles were published in nationwide press.

The ambient campaign boosted the web, where 200 questions were strategically placed on niche websites. The click rate was up to 2.79%. The benchmark in Norway is 0.15%. The goal of 100.000 unique visitors a week was achieved in just six days, and the numbers have been steady since.

All this with a limited budget of €140K…

Questions can be asked about everything in life. Taking the questions out of the web, and into the real world made people understand that they could post questions and find answers about absolutely everything on By taking the questions out of the web, they were also able to trig immediate curiosity, by demonstrating the importance of getting an answer, rather than just talking about it.


Client: SOL

Agency: Dist Oslo, Norway.

Country: Norway

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