Thursday, December 3, 2009

Intervention Center Against Domestic Violence “Domestic Violence Campaign”

The topic of ‘domestic violence’ has been up to now one of the invisible social problems. Studies assume that in German speaking countries alone, about 20% of all women living in a partnership have been the victims of physical violence. That’s why the aim of the campaign was to make the problem of domestic violence visible and attract attention to the social institution ‘Intervention Center Against Domestic Violence’ which offers help to victims and victimizers free of charge on the web.

Ogilvy Frankfurt, Germany attached adhesive foils to windows of high-visibility apartments. These foils showed strikingly lifelike violent situations.

At first glance, passers-by thus became witnesses of scenes of domestic violence. Two windows further on, they directly addressed passers-by by means of additional adhesive foils bearing the words: ‘Looking away supports violence’. So they directed their attention to the website of the ‘Intervention Center Against Domestic Violence’ www.hä

The result was obvious: During the two-week campaign period, visits to the website www.hä increased by 27% compared to the time prior to the campaign.


Client: www.hä

Agency: Ogilvy Frankfurt, Germany.

Country: Germany

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