Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nissan X-Trail “Taxi”

Due the fact that the publicity budget has dropped, the media strategy concentrates on taking advantage of the sales points and on the cars sold there. That is, working with elements that have almost zero cost. In the product launching of the SUV Nissan X-Trail they tried to make tangible the strenght of the 4×4 for the potential buyers that have not lived the experience of a four-wheel drive (or all-terrain) vehicle, and much less an X-Trail.

Unitas/RNL Santiago, Chile needed to create a new media, and this was the Nissan X-Trail itself. Everybody takes cabs, and they are usually automobiles or minivans. The weekend when the customers saw many Nissan X-Trails painted as cabs, they were astonished. And even more impacted when they read that the destinations painted on their roof said: Aconcagua, Monte Delani, Chamonix, K2, Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro.

They followed immediately by the tagline-Nissan X-Trail available at Agustinas Automotive Car Sales. This X-Trail circulated along a perimeter near where the car sales points were. This idea augmented by 60% awareness of the X-Trail model, of the target and direct association to 4×4 power. With a minimum investment during the period of this activation on public roads the quotations grew 70% and the sales of this model grew 20%, and total sales grew in 37%.


Client: Nissan X-Trail

Agency: Unitas/RNL Santiago, Chile

Country: Chile

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