Saturday, November 28, 2009

Max(imum) Impact- Leaves The TG Ogling…

The aim was to communicate the product superiority of Max Fresh and to emphasize the fact that it contains cooling crystals in abundance with set of an icy wave of coolness; adding to that the creative should have a sms feedback. Encylomedia Network did exactly the same, and got the eyeballs at the target- The Colgate Max Fresh.


Client: Colgate

Agency: Encyclomedia Networks Pvt. Ltd;

Country: India


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  2. This campaign can be referred to as a case study for the OOH industry. This was a pure outdoor led campaign. The short code presented in the creative garnered almost 700 sms's everyday, which is a phenomenal response, considering that there was no other media involved! This itself proves that if outdoor is used effectively it works wonders!!