Saturday, August 22, 2009

Don’t Drink & Drive- An Awareness Campaign By Department Of Transportation in China

In the past two years the department of transportation in China has reported more than 52,000 accidents and over 116,000 deaths as a direct result of drink driving. Research proved that drivers are 16 times more likely to have an accident when they are drunk.
So, in order to draw the attention to this potentially fatal fact, DMG Beijing, China placed 16 lamp-posts across the street in Beijing’s busy club district, with a message that read- “If you drink and drive, you are 16 times more likely to have an accident.”
The ambient idea stopped traffic and pedestrians, and was talked about in other media’s too. Flyers were also placed under the windscreen wipers of cars in the surrounding area as a reminder not to drink and drink

Client: Department of Transportation (China)
Advertising Agency: DMG Beijing, China
Chief Creative Officer: Dan Mitz

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