Friday, June 26, 2009

StreetTalk with new appointment, new sites, new networks, new telecoms brands, new rapid posting service

June 2009, In a move that will strengthen StreetTalk’s position as the key outdoor choice for youth brands, JCDecaux has appointed Lucinda Sharp as Group Head, StreetTalk. Lucinda’s appointment comes as JCDecaux increases the StreetTalk portfolio, opens up the medium to telecoms brands and in a move set to transform StreetTalk, brings the FastFoward rapid posting service to phonebox advertisers.

Lucinda joins JCDecaux UK from Australia where she was Senior Account Manager. Before joining JCDecaux Lucinda spent 3 years at ZenithOptimedia in Australia and at Starcom Motive in the UK.

As the latest Postar figures show, JCDecaux added 5000 phoneboxes to the StreetTalk portfolio in May, bringing the total to 25,000. The demand for StreetTalk is set to be further increased with BT’s decision that mobile phones and all service providers can be carried on the medium for the first time.

In groundbreaking move, the increasing demand for StreetTalk has led JCDecaux to extend the FastForward hub service to StreetTalk for the first time. Using this service, a national phonebox campaign can be booked, printed and posted within 48 hours, enabling time-sensitive campaigns that would traditionally have gone to the press to be carried.

Spencer Berwin, Managing Director - Sales said, “Lucinda’s appointment reflects the growing importance of StreetTalk as a brand that targets the younger demographics in urban areas. StreetTalk’s brand count has doubled, our sites have increased by 5000 and we can offer flexible and rapid posting within 48 hours. These changes demonstrate that StreetTalk has come of age – this is a tremendous achievement for a brand that is only two years old.”

As a result of the investment in FastForward, StreetTalk is now able to offer highly bespoke campaigns that can be weather and temperature reactive and can carry time-sensitive creatives linked to special events such as summer festivals and dates such as Father’s Day. This rapid posting service will be particularly powerful for clients using the StreetTalk CTN network, in which newsagents in proximity to StreetTalk sites receive targeted mailings through StreetTalk’s unique partnership with Newsdropnetwork.

Since StreetTalk’s launch in 2007, its client list has more than doubled, with 131 clients in its inaugural year, 260 clients in 2008 and over 70 so far in 2009.

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