Friday, June 26, 2009

Improving Access to London with 9 new packs from airport and roadside. Media 1st as JCDecaux drives traffic from internet to ‘outernet’

In a move that will dramatically increase access to the London audience in the approach to 2012, JCDecaux London will introduce 9 new advertising networks in London, targeting audiences across the capital and at the airport. Driving word-of-mouth advertising in central London, JCDecaux has created a network dominating Tottenham Court Road that in a media first includes a bus shelter with a live internet link.

With 9 networks targeting consumers wherever they are in London, the campaigns include the prestigious ‘Wealth Pack’ that unites the 4 JCDecaux Towers, the ‘London Spread’, an outstanding campaign of 80 premium billboards, the ‘Square Mile’, the only poster network in the City of London and ‘The Global City Spread’ that includes prime locations at London’s 4 airports and across the capital.

The ‘Tottenham Court Road Domination’ network will bring the internet to the ‘outernet’ with a fixed broadband link on one bus shelter, enabling advertisers to drive consumers to their own website from the highstreet. Reaching 65,000 daily visitors** this 53 site network will drive word-of-mouth advertising in the heart of London’s media, telecoms and design district.

Ranking among the world’s most prestigious advertising networks, the ‘Wealth Corridors’ brings the 4 Tower structures into one powerful campaign, allowing a brand to feature on the iconic locations of the A40 Tower, the M4 Torch, the A3 Tower and the M3 Tower. Seen as the ultimate in outdoor advertising, this ‘Wealth Corridor’ pack will deliver 6.5 million impacts.* The ‘International Capital’ network adds Première 450 airport sites at Heathrow to create a network that reaches an affluent London and international audience.

With the eyes of the world upon London, JCDecaux will introduce ‘The London Spread’, a high-impact, premium, flexible network across the capital with 10 Première 500 billboards (all with halo-lighting), 20 PrimeTime digital screens and 50 day-part 48 sheet scrolling billboards. For clients requiring international audience in the approach to the 2012, ‘The Global City Spread’ reaches passengers at Luton, Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick and across the capital with flexible digital billboards, daypart scrollers and prestigious Première 500 billboards.

David Lambert, Director of London at JCDecaux said, “These outstanding networks will improve our clients’ access to London in the approach to 2012 – reaching audiences from the airport to the city centre. JCDecaux is continuing to innovate, transforming communications in the capital with investment in 2 new Towers and the introduction of the internet to the ‘outernet’ in Tottenham Court Road. While other media experience their worst audiences in the capital, outdoor consumption is 68% higher than in the rest of the country. With 66% of Londoners seeing a JCDecaux site every day, these networks offer the ideal solution for clients wanting to reach the light-TV viewing London audience.”

The ‘Square Mile’ network uses Première and digital panels on the main routes into the city and StreetTalk phoneboxes in the heart of the city, the only poster sites in the City of London.

The ‘Quick Hit’ network is positioned as “affordable noise”, a, one-week hit using the largest outdoor formats in London, with 30 96-sheets, 10 Première 400s and 3 giant Première 1000s.

Using JCDecaux’s FastForward hub, JCDecaux can offer this blockbusting pack designed especially for film launches, weekend sales and time-sensitive promotions.

The ‘En Vogue’ network will target high-spending, trend-savvy individuals with sites in proximity to London’s top 5 shopping destinations, from the West End to Westfield and Terminal 5 while ‘Heathrow to Harrods’ will allow brands to dominate the M/A4 corridor with key sites on roadside and at Heathrow airport.

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