Friday, January 8, 2010

Firefly- The Medium Is The Message!!!

Fluorescent lights in the Philippines are notorious for quickly burning out. This offered a great opportunity for firefly, a lighting brand, to claim the territory of longevity, making it rise above competition who came ahead of it in the marketplace.

As the city is always littered with ad signage’s, ordinarily always lit. So, TBWA, Philippines thought – what if they made use these mediums to demonstrate Firefly’s longevity, by depicting the consequence of using a competitive brand?

As a result, a UAI (Usage Attitude Image) brand study is currently underway, and toplines have started to trickle in. There are indications that consumers are beginning to associate Firefly with being “Longer Lasting”, a sure offshoot of the tactical effort.

Client: Firefly
Agency: TBWA Philippines
Country: Philippines

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