Sunday, June 20, 2010

Skoda + Merlin Automobili “Have you ever been into a Skoda?”

They simulated the cockpit of a Skoda car using 2 heavy paper supports. The first one, they called it the “Dashboard”, was placed on the seats and simulated being it front of the steer, The second one, they called it the “gear shift”, was obtained with a die cutting and was placed into every seat cup-holder.

Both of them were design to fit the seats measures and peculiarities, for example the front of the dashboard was holed in order to show the underneath seat number. A team of 8 people, directed by the agency, worked along the day preparing the rooms before people got in, cleaning up and preparing the room again between 2 shows. The target demonstrated to be pretty curious about the action, a very brand new experience for this kind of audience, Supports were taken, observed, used for a little time before the shows began. More importantly, the target played with the dashboard and the gear shift: a rapport between brand and consumer was built.


Client: Skoda

Advertising Agency: Jiki, Rovigo and Milan, Italy

Country: Italy

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