Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gelatoni Diet- Bench

Production Description:- GelaToni Diet is a dietary gelatin made by industrias Lacteas Toni S.A.( Guayaquil-Ecaudor, South America) that allows people to indulge a snack rich in fiber and helps them to maintain their body weight. This product is targeted to people that bears a lifestyle based on a healthy diet.

Fact: As a tradition in Ecuador, through months of January to March, people that live in the coastal zone of the country have a tendency to frequently visit the beaches, particularly to the beaches of Salinas. This time of the year (or season) is called: Coastal’s Beach Season.

The Challenge: The client requested a BTL for the Coastal’s Beach Season, particularly for the beach of Salinas. This should communicate in a clear way the main benefit of the product.

Solution: dimuto | creative partners, Guayaquil, Ecuador decided to install benches simulating that an over weight person sat on them. On the backrest’s front they pasted a sticker that read- “Controla tu peso con” that means- (Control your body weight with) + Gelatoni Diet’s Logo.


Client: Gelatoni Diet

Agency: dimuto | creative partners, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Country: Ecuador

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